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Developing a theme for public release isn’t an easy task. When you’re the only one using your theme you don’t have to worry about expanding it, but put it into the hands of other users and it better be ready for any content they throw at it. Blockquotes, lists, and floating images – there are plenty of elements that are common to blogs that need to be supported in every theme you release. Cue our new sample WordPress content.

Download our Sample WordPress Content

We put together a collection of posts, tags, categories, and pages into an XML file – perfect for importing right into a new installation of WordPress. Here are some of the things this collection includes:

  • Multiple posts with different elements in each
  • 12 Posts to force pagination
  • Blockquotes, lists – ordered and unordered – and floating images
  • Comments on a few of the posts
  • Parent, child, and grandchild categories and pages
  • Tags
  • Multiple months for the archives

Using this file is easy. Simply download the zip file and extract it. Then, log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Manage>Import. Select the WordPress option from the bottom of the list, choose your file, and upload it. Within a few minutes you should have a ready-to-go development server.

Since this is the first release of this XML file, there are probably a few things we might have missed. If you think anything should be added to the collection, let us know in the comments and we’ll update it later.

Download our Sample WordPress Content


50 Useful Icon Sets

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Icons are essential part for any web design. Stylish and attractive icons make the design more appealing for any projects. Creating a useful and innovative icon sets can simply make new look of any web design.

In today’s part, we are delivering a great collection of admirably designed, new and beautiful yet professionally high-quality icon sets. However all the icons sets displayed below are free, but make sure to read all terms and condition for using them for commercial purpose. I hope that you wil enjoy these from icons will share it with your friends. Enjoy

New Social Media Icon Set

33-New Social Media Icon Set

Social Media Balloons

34-Social Media Balloons

Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

35-Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons




Google Plus Icon Vector

37-Google Plus Icon Vector

Lifetime Social Network Icons

38-Lifetime Social Network Icons

Candy Social Media Icons

39-Candy Social Media Icons

Social media icons

40-Social media icons

Photography Icons








Application Icons


Hand-Drawn Icons


Credit Card Icons


E-Commerce Icons


E-Commerce Icons


E-Commerce Icons


3D Glossy Icons


Semi-Transparent Icons


Mobile Icon Set


Cute Blogging Icon Set


Medical Icons


Basal Icons


Vintage Social Media Stamps


Finance Icons




Trainee Icon Set


Gadget Icons


Helix icons


Pioneer Camp


Wifun Icons




Set of Social Icons


Icons For Some e-Shop


On-Stage: Free Vector PSD Icon Set


Antique Icons


Windows 7 Base Icons


Windows 7 Base Icons v2


Coquette Part 3 Icons


Weather Icons

41-Weather Icons



Vista Artistic Icons by Lokas Software

43-Vista Artistic Icons by Lokas Software

Software Icons

44-Software Icons

USB pen-drive icon

45-USB pen-drive icon

Compass icon

46-Compass icon

Twitter Follow Buttons & Icons

47-Twitter Follow Buttons & Icons

Elegant Vector Icons

48-Elegant Vector Icons

Soccer Icons

49-Soccer Icons

28 Toolbar Icons

50-Toolbar Icons

jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins

By using jQuery Filter and jQuery Sort Plugins you will be able to have a great control over the order, placement and organization of your page / or table elements. Further some of these plugins include drag-able controls making it possible to offer a more dynamic and user friendly design. Sorting and filtering is very useful if you have large datasets such as table views, however you can also use them for managing list views e.g. for a portfolio page. The Quicksand plugin found below is an example of this.

This post has just been updated, all links checked. It provides an overview of jquery plugins you can use to provide simple yet powerful functionality to reorder, filter, add drag and drop capabilities etc.


1. jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

This plugin creates a simple content sorter for your content and allows you to control your content with pagination! Simple Content Sorting provides a clean and easy way to beautify your interface by providing a slick client side sorting mechanism. You heard correctly, no page loading happens as the sorting takes place since its all done with JavaScript.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

2. Advanced tables

Advanced tables

With this jQuery plugin you convert your flat html tables in nice datagrids in just a few seconds. The plugin will automaticly paginate your table and you can define a particular input field to use as search field for the table.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

3. Beautiful Data

Beautiful Data

Beautiful Data is a great way to turn a boring HTML table into something that supports features like paging and sorting. This jQuery plugin can also access data from CSV and JSON just by specifying the source file.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

4. Simple Content Sorting

Simple Content Sorting

This plugin allows you to sort your content in a clean and easy interface equipped with pagination feature. No page loading happens as the sorting takes place since its all done with javascript.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

5. Ingrid

Ingrid Ingrid is an unobtrusive jQuery component that adds datagrid behaviors (column resizing, paging, sorting, row and column styling, and more) to your tables.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

6. PicNet Table Filter

PicNet Table Filter

This jQuery plugin adds real time Google-like column filtering capabilities to a regular Html table. This is an open source project released under The MIT License (MIT). The PicNet Table Filter is used in production in several PicNet projects so it has been tested production ready. The table filter was born out of our Visual Analytics (Mouse Eye Tracking) project and has received great feedback.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

7. tQuery – Dynamic tables

tQuery - Dynamic tables

tQuery makes simple HTML tables dynamic. The script combines power, flexibility and easiness. It offers great design customization, supports multiple formats for column sorting and make exporting and importing data easier. tQuery now support filtering. You can add a search box to your tQuery tables. The search feature give exact and instantaneous results.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

8. Flexigrid


Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content. Similar in concept with the Ext Grid only its pure jQuery love, which makes it light weight and follows the jQuery mantra of running with the least amount of configuration.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

9. Table Sorter


Table Sorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell. It has many useful features including multi-column sorting, parsers for sorting text, URIs, integers, currency, floats, IP addresses, dates (ISO, long and short formats), time.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

10. Animated table sort (REGEXP friendly)

Animated table sort (REGEXP friendly)

This plugin allows you to animatedly sort a table based on a column’s <td>s, or on the content/value of a child/descendant element within those <td>s. The various <td>s fly to their new homes, giving a nice effect. It also supports sorting on REGEXP matches. You can also control whether row relationships are maintained, whether it sorts on ascii or numeric and ascending or descending.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

11. JSquared


This plugin allows you to organize advanced search user interface like in Google Squared.

MORE INFO by fedorchenko (Free Plugin)

12. TinySort


TinySort is a small and simple jQuery plugin that will sort any nodetype by it’s text- or attribute value, or by that of one of it’s children. The examples below should help getting you on your way.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

13. jExpand plugin

jExpand plugin

jExpand is ultra lightweight jQuery plugin that will make your tables expandable. Typical for line of business applications, this feature can help you organize tables better. This way, tables can hold more information such as images, lists, diagrams and other elements.

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

14. jQuery Interface Elements

Interface is a collection of rich interface components which utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery. With this components you can build rich client web applications and interfaces with the same simplicity as writing JavaScript with jQuery. You will find functions for reordering/sorting lists and tabs, various types of drag and drop etc. interface

MORE INFO by (Free Plugin)

15. Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data

When a webpage is designed to display large tables of data, a great amount of consideration should be dedicated to allowing the user to sort through the data in a structured manner. This article will go through four techniques: hover effects, zebra rows, filtering, and sorting.


MORE INFO by (Free Plugin)

16. Creating a “Filterable” Portfolio with jQuery

If you have worked in your field for a while, there is a pretty good chance that you have a rather extensive portfolio. To make it a little easier to navigate, you will probably be tempted to break them into different categories. This tutorial will show you how to make “filtering by category” a little more interesting with just a little bit of jQuery. portfolio

MORE INFO by (Free Plugin)

17. Quicksand

Whit this really cool plugin you can reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. The demo is a must see! quicksand

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

18. Table Drag and Drop JQuery plugin

Dragging and dropping rows within a table can’t be handled by general purpose drag and drop utilities for a number of reasons, not least because you need to move the whole row, not just the cell that receives the mouse events. Re-parenting the row also requires specific code. Sadly also, effects like fadeIn and fadeOut don’t work well with table rows on all browsers, so we have to go for simpler effects.

Table Drag and Drop JQuery plugin

This TableDnD plugin allows the user to reorder rows within a table, for example if they represent an ordered list (tasks by priority for example). Individual rows can be marked as non-draggable and/or non-droppable (so other rows can’t be dropped onto them). Rows can have as many cells as necessary and the cells can contain form elements.

MORE INFO by (Free Plugin)

19.  dragtable: Visually reorder all your table columns

Over the past several years, Stuart Langridge’s sorttable Javascript library has found widespread use. It’s easy to see why. Just add class=sortable to a table tag and its column headers automatically support click to sort. Pretty slick. But sometimes sorting just isn’t enough. What if you want to focus on just one or two of the columns in a table? In a client-side application you could drag the columns you care about next to each other. Why not in a web application? Enter dragtable. Like sorttable, it teaches HTML tables a new trick through a simple class attribute. image

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

20. Filtering Blocks

Really cool script to filter a list of blocks. Each block has a wrapping div. It has one class that it shares with all other blocks for common styling and a class unique to its “type”. Filtering Blocks

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)

21. Sortable Lists Using jQuery UI

Unordered lists have a number of useful applications. They are commonly used to structure a site’s navigation. I have found, in a number of web applications, that the ability to reorder (sort) such lists would be extremely useful. There are 2 jQuery plugins that allow elements to be sorted. These are the jQuery Interface plugin and jQuery UI and this tutorial use the latter and also provides a solution for saving the lists. ‘

Sortable Lists Using jQuery UI

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

22. dragndrop

Get Drag and drop in a easy way. dragndrop

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

23. ppDrag

ppDrag is a Drag&Drop plugin for jQuery, which mimics the interface of jQuery UI’s Draggable. Currently supported is a small subset of its options, but the implementation is different (ppDrag focuses on performance). image

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

24. NestedSortable

NestedSortable is an extension to the original Sortable from the Interface plugin that allows you to both sort vertically and nest (make one item a child of other item) elements at the same time, using drag-and-drop. If can be set up exactly like a regular Sortable and allows you to use most options that are inherited from it. NestedSortable

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

25. jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

The jQuery multiple draggable plugin is an extension to the jQuery UI Draggable plugin. This plugin extends the current functionality to allow for elements to be grouped and dragged as a group. jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

26. jQuery List DragSort

A lightweight jQuery plugin that provides the ability to sort lists using drag and drop. drag and drop jquery plugins

MORE INFO (Free Plugin)

27. Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel

This example shows basic drag and drop node moving in a tree. In this implementation there are no restrictions and anything can be dropped anywhere except appending to nodes marked “leaf” (the files). Drag along the edge of the tree to trigger auto scrolling while performing a drag and drop.

Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel

MORE INFO (Free Plugin)

28. Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

This is a collection of Direct Manipulation examples that work in modern browsers. Each example is a proof of concept. It is not based on jQuery but I thought it deserved to be here anyway… Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

MORE INFO / DEMO (Free Plugin)

29. jQuery columnManager plugin

jQuery columnManager plugin

A jQuery-plugin to toggle the visibility of table columns (collapsing and expanding them) and to save the state until the next visit. It’s supporting tables with colspans and rowspans, too!

MORE INFO / DEMO by (Free Plugin)



SearchBox is a jQuery plugin that allows you to have reach search controls with filters on your pages (similar to GMail and Google Docs).

powerful functionality to reorder, filter, add drag and drop capabilities etc.

MORE INFO / DEMO by Codecanyon (Premium Plugin)

Photoshop Shortcuts

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


Table of Contents:

  1. Select Tools
  2. View Images
  3. Puppet Warp
  4. Refine Edge
  5. Filter Gallery
  6. Liquify
  7. Vanishing Point
  8. Camera Raw Dialog Box
  9. Black-and-White Dialog Box
  10. Curves
  11. Select and Move Objects
  12. Transform Selections, Selection Borders, and Paths
  13. Edit Paths
  14. Painting
  15. Blending Modes
  16. Select and Edit text
  17. Format Type
  18. Slicing and Optimizing
  19. Photoshop CS5 Panels
  20. 3D tools (PS Extended)
  21. Measurement (PS Extended)
  22. DICOM files (PS Extended)
  23. Extract and Pattern Maker (plug-in)
  24. Function keys

1. Select Tools
v Move tool
m (shift+m) Rectangular Marquee Tool (Elliptical Marquee tool)
l (shift+l) Lasso tool (Polygonal Magnetic Lasso tool)
w (shift+w) Magic Wand tool (Quick Selection tool)
c (shift+c) Crop tool (Slide tool, Slide Select tool)
i (shift+i) Eyedropper tool (Color Sampler tool, Note Tool, Count Tool)
j (shift+j) Spot Healing Brush tool (Healing Brush tool, Patch tool, Red Eye tool)
b (shift+b) Brush tool (Pencil tool, Color Replacement tool, Mixer Brush tool)
s (shift+s) Clone Stamp tool (Pattern Stamp tool)
y (shift+y) History Brush tool (Art History Brush tool)
e (shift+e) Eraser tool (Background Eraser tool, Magic Eraser tool)
g (shift+g) Gradient tool (Paint Bucket tool)
o (shift+o) Dodge tool (Burn tool, Sponge tool)
p (shift+p) Pen tool (Freeform Pen tool)
t (shift+t) Horizontal Type tool (Vertical Type tool, Type Mask tools)
a (shift+a) Path Selection tool (Direct Selection tool)
u (shift+u) Rectangle tool (Rounded Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, Line tool, Custom Shape tool)
k (shift+k) 3D Object Rotate tool (Roll, Pan, Slide, Scale tool). PS extended only
n (shift+n) 3D Camera Rotate tool (Roll,Pan, Walk, Zoom tool). PS extended only
h Hand tool
r Rotate View tool
z Zoom tool

▲ up

2. View Images
ctrl+tab Cycle through open documents
shift+ctrl+tab Switch to previous document
shift+ctrl+w Close a file in Photoshop and open Bridge
q Toggle between Standard mode and Quick Mask mode
f / shift+f Toggle forward / toggle backward between Standard Screen Mode, Maximized Screen Mode, Full Screen Mode, and Full Screen Mode with menu bar
space+f / space+shift+f Toggle canvas color forward / toggle canvas color backwards
Double-click Hand tool Fit image in window
ctrl+1 Magnify 100%
space Temporary switch to Hand tool (when not in text-edit mode)
ctrl+space Temporarily switch to Zoom In tool
alt+space Temporarily switch to Zoom Out tool
space+drag Move Zoom marquee while dragging with the Zoom tool
shift+enter in Navigator panel zoom percentage box Apply zoom percentage, and keep zoom percentage box active
ctrl+drag over preview in Navigator panel Zoom in on specified area of an image
space+drag, or drag view area box in Navigator panel Scroll image with Hand tool
page up or page down Scroll up or down 1 screen
shift+page up or page down Scroll up or down 10 units
home or end Move view to upper-left corner or lower right corner
\ (backslash) Toggle layer mask on/off as rubylith (layer mask must be selected)

▲ up

3. Puppet Warp
esc Cancel completely
ctrl+z Undo last pin adjustment
ctrl+a Select all pins
ctrl+d Deselect all pins
shift+click Select multiple pins
shift+drag Move multiple selected pins
h Temporarily hide pins

▲ up

4. Refine Edge
ctrl+alt+r Open the Refine Edge dialog box
f Cycle forward through preview modes
shift+f Cycle (backward) through preview modes
x Toggle between original image and selection preview
p Toggle between original selection and refined version
j Toggle radius preview on and off
e Toggle between Refine Radius and Erase Refinements tools

▲ up

5. Filter Gallery
alt+click a filter Apply a new filter on top of selected
alt+click a disclosure triangle Open/close all disclosure triangles
ctrl Change Cancel button to Default
alt Change Cancel button to Reset
ctrl+z Undo/Redo
ctrl+shift+z Step forward
ctrl+alt+z Step backward

▲ up

6. Liquify
w Forward Warp tool
r Reconstruct tool
c Twirl Clockwise tool
s Pucker tool
b Bloat tool
o Push Left tool
m Mirror tool
t Turbulence tool
f Freeze Mask tool
d Thaw Mask tool
alt+tool Reverse direction for Bloat, Pucker, Push Left, and Mirror tools
alt+drag in preview with Reconstruct tool, Displace, Amplitwist, or Affine mode selected Continually sample the distortion
arrow left / arrow right in Brush Size, Density, Pressure, Rate, or Turbulent Jitter text box Decrease/increase brush size by 2 (or density, pressure, rate, or turbulent jitter by 1). Hold down shift to decrease/increase by 10
arrow left / arrow right with Brush Size, Density, Pressure, Rate, or Turbulent Jitter slider showing Decrease/increase brush size by 2 (or density, pressure, rate, or turbulent jitter by 1). Hold down shift to decrease/increase by 10
tab Cycle through controls on right from top
shift+tab Cycle through controls on right from bottom
alt Change Cancel to Reset

▲ up

7. Vanishing Point
x Zoom 2x (temporary)
ctrl++ / ctrl+- Zoom in / Zoom out
ctrl+0 Fit in view
Double-click Zoom tool Zoom to center at 100%
] / [ Increase / Decrease brush size (Brush, Stamp tools)
shift+] / shift+[ Increase / Decrease brush hardness (Brush, Stamp tools)
ctrl+z Undo last action
ctrl+shift+z Redo last action
ctrl+d Deselect all
ctrl+h Hide selection and planes
arrow keys Move selection 1 pixel
shift+arrow keys Move selection 10 pixels
ctrl+c Copy
ctrl+v Paste
ctrl+shift+t Repeat last duplicate and move
ctrl+alt+t Create a floating selection from the current selection
ctrl+drag Fill a selection with image under the pointer
ctrl+alt+drag Create a duplicate of the selection as a floating selection
alt+shift to rotate Constrain selection to a 15° rotation
ctrl+click the plane Select a plane under another selected plane
ctrl+drag Create 90 degree plane off parent plane
backspace Delete last node while creating plane
Double-click the Create Plane tool Make a full canvas plane, square to the camera
ctrl+shift+h Show/hide measurements (Photoshop Extended only)
ctrl+e Export to a DFX file (Photoshop Extended only)
ctrl+shift+e Export to a 3DS file (Photoshop Extended only)

▲ up

8. Camera Raw Dialog Box
z Zoom tool
h Hand tool
i White Balance tool
s Color Sampler tool
c Crop tool
a Straighten tool
b Spot Removal tool
e Red Eye Removal tool
ctrl+alt+1 Basic panel
ctrl+alt+2 Tone Curve panel
ctrl+alt+3 Detail panel
ctrl+alt+4 HSL/Grayscale panel
ctrl+alt+5 Split Toning panel
ctrl+alt+6 Lens Corrections panel
ctrl+alt+7 Camera Calibration panel
ctrl+alt+8 Presets panel
ctrl+alt+9 Open Snapshots panel
ctrl+alt+shift+t Parametric Curve Targeted Adjustment tool
ctrl+alt+shift+h Hue Targeted Adjustment tool
ctrl+alt+shift+s Saturation Targeted Adjustment tool
ctrl+alt+shift+l Luminance Targeted Adjustment tool
ctrl+alt+shift+g Grayscale Mix Targeted Adjustment tool
t Last-used Targeted Adjustment tool
k Adjustment Brush tool
g Graduated Filter tool
] / [ Increase/decrease brush size
shift+] / shift+[ Increase/decrease brush feather
= / – Increase/decrease Adjustment Brush tool flow in increments of 10
alt Temporarily switch from Add to Erase mode for the Adjustment Brush tool, or from Erase to Add mode
alt+] / alt+[ Increase/decrease temporary Adjustment Brush tool size
alt+shift+] / alt+shift+[ Increase/decrease temporary Adjustment Brush tool feather
alt+= / alt+- Increase/decrease temporary Adjustment Brush tool flow in increments of 10
n Switch to New mode from Add or Erase mode of the Adjustment Brush tool or the Graduated Filter
m Toggle Auto Mask for Adjustment Brush tool
y Toggle Show Mask for Adjustment Brush tool
v Toggle pins for Adjustment Brush tool, Toggle overlay for Graduated Filter, Spot Removal tool, or Red Eye Removal tool.
l or ctrl+] Rotate image left
r or ctrl+[ Rotate image right
ctrl++ / ctrl+- Zoom in / Zoom out
ctrl Temporarily switch to Zoom In tool. (Doesn’t work when Straighten tool is selected. If Crop tool is active, temporarily switches to Straighten tool.)
alt Temporarily switch to Zoom Out tool and change the Open Image button to Open Copy and the Cancel button to Reset.
p Toggle preview
f Full screen mode
shift Temporarily activate the White Balance tool and change the Open Image button to Open Object. (Does not work if Crop tool is active.)
Click the first point; shift+click additional points Select multiple points in Curves panel
ctrl+click in preview Add point to curve in Curves panel
arrow keys Move selected point in Curves panel (1 unit)
shift+arrow keys Move selected point in Curves panel (10 units)
ctrl+r Open selected images in Camera Raw dialog box from Bridge
shift+double-click image Open selected images from Bridge bypassing Camera Raw dialog box
alt+drag Exposure, Recovery, or Black sliders Display highlights that will be clipped in Preview
o Highlight clipping warning
u Shadows clipping warning
ctrl+1 … 5 (Filmstrip mode) Add 1 – 5 star rating
ctrl+. (period) / ctrl+, (comma) (Filmstrip mode) Increase/decrease rating
ctrl+6 (Filmstrip mode) Add red label
ctrl+7 (Filmstrip mode) Add yellow label
ctrl+8 (Filmstrip mode) Add green label
ctrl+9 (Filmstrip mode) Add blue label
ctrl+shift+0 (Filmstrip mode) Add purple label
ctrl+k Camera Raw preferences
ctrl+alt (on open) Deletes Adobe Camera Raw preferences

▲ up

9. Black-and-White Dialog Box
shift+ctrl+alt+b Open the Black-and-White dialog box
arrow up/arrow down Increase/decrease selected value by 1%
shift+arrow up/arrow down Increase/decrease selected value by 10%
Click+drag on the image Change the values of the closest color slider

▲ up

10. Curves
ctrl+m Open the Curves dialog box
+ / – Select next / previous point on the curve
shift+click the points Select multiple points on the curve
ctrl+d Deselect a point
Select a point and press delete Delete a point on the curve
arrow keys Move the selected point 1 unit
shift+arrow keys Move the selected point 10 units
alt+drag black/white point sliders Display highlights and shadows that will be clipped
ctrl+click the image Set a point to the composite curve
shift+ctrl+click the image Set a point to the channel curves
alt+click the field Toggle grid size

▲ up

11. Select and Move Objects
Any marquee tool (except single column and single row), press space+drag Reposition marquee while selecting
Any selection tool+shift+drag Add to a selection
Any selection tool+alt+drag Subtract from a selection
Any selection tool (except Quick Selection tool)+shift-alt+drag Intersect a selection
shift+drag Constrain marquee to square or circle (if no other selections are active)
alt+drag Draw marquee from center (if no other selections are active)
shift+alt+drag Constrain shape and draw marquee from center
ctrl Switch to Move tool (except when Hand, Slice, Path, Shape, or any Pen tool is selected)
alt+drag Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to Lasso tool
alt+click Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to polygonal Lasso tool
enter/esc or ctrl+. (period) Apply/cancel an operation of the Magnetic Lasso
Move tool+alt+drag selection Move copy of selection
Any selection+arrow keys Move selection area 1 pixel
Move tool+arrow keys Move selection 1 pixel
ctrl+arrow keys Move layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layer
Magnetic Lasso tool+[ / ] Increase/decrease detection width
Crop tool+enter or esc Accept cropping or exit cropping
/ (forward slash) Toggle crop shield off and on
Ruler tool+alt+drag end point Make protractor
shift+drag guide Snap guide to ruler ticks (except when View Snap is unchecked)
alt+drag guide Convert between horizontal and vertical guide

▲ up

12. Transform Selections, Selection Borders, and Paths
alt Transform from center or reflect
shift Constrain
ctrl Distort
enter Apply
ctrl+. (period) or esc Cancel
ctrl+alt+t Free transform with duplicate data
ctrl+shift+alt+t Transform again with duplicate data

▲ up

13. Edit Paths
Direct selection tool+shift+click Select multiple anchor points
Direct selection tool+alt+click Select entire path
Pen (any Pen tool), Path Selection or Direct Selection tool+ctrl+alt+drag Duplicate a path
ctrl Switch from Path Selection, Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point, or Convert Point tools, to Direct Selection tool
alt Switch from Pen tool or Freeform Pen tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchor or direction point
Magnetic Pen tool, double-click Close path
Magnetic Pen tool, alt-double-click Close path with straight-line segment

▲ up

14. Painting
Any painting tool+shift+alt+right-click and drag Select foreground color from color picker
Any painting tool+alt or any shape tool+alt (except when Paths option is selected) Select foreground color from image with Eyedropper tool
Eyedropper tool+alt+click Select background color
Eyedropper tool+shift Color sampler tool
Color sampler tool+alt+click Deletes color sampler
Any painting or editing tool+1…9 Set opacity, tolerance, strength, or exposure for painting mode.

0 = 100%, 1 = 10%. Two numbers in quick succession (e.g. 45 = 45%)
When airbrush option is enabled, use shift+1…9)

Any painting or editing tool+shift+number keys Sets flow for painting mode

0 = 100%, 1 = 10%. Two numbers in quick succession (e.g. 45 = 45%)
When airbrush option is enabled, use shift+1…9)

alt+shift+1…9 Mixer Brush changes Mix setting
0…9 Mixer Brush changes Wet setting
0 Mixer Brush changes Wet and Mix to zero
shift++ / shift+- Cycle through blending modes
backspace or shift+backspace Open Fill dialog box on background or standard layer
alt+backspace or ctrl+backspace Fill with foreground or background color
ctrl+alt+backspace Fill from history
shift+backspace Displays Fill dialog box
/ (forward slash) Lock transparent pixels on/off
Any painting tool+shift+click Connects points with a straight line

▲ up

15. Blending Modes
shift++ / shift+- Cycle through blending modes
shift+alt+n Normal
shift+alt+i Dissolve
shift+alt+q Behind (Brush tool only)
shift+alt+r Clear (Brush tool only)
shift+alt+k Darken
shift+alt+m Multiply
shift+alt+b Color Burn
shift+alt+a Linear Burn
shift+alt+g Lighten
shift+alt+s Screen
shift+alt+d Color Dodge
shift+alt+w Linear Dodge
shift+alt+o Overlay
shift+alt+f Soft Light
shift+alt+h Hard Light
shift+alt+v Vivid Light
shift+alt+j Linear Light
shift+alt+z Pin Light
shift+alt+l Hard Mix
shift+alt+e Difference
shift+alt+x Exclusion
shift+alt+u Hue
shift+alt+t Saturation
shift+alt+c Color
shift+alt+y Luminosity
Sponge tool+shift+alt+d Desaturate
Sponge tool+shift+alt+s Saturate
Dodge tool/Burn tool+shift+alt+s Dodge/burn shadows
Dodge tool/Burn tool+shift+alt+m Dodge/burn midtones
Dodge tool/Burn tool+shift+alt+h Dodge/burn highlights
shift+alt+n Set blending mode to Threshold for bitmap images, Normal for all other images

▲ up

16. Select and Edit text
ctrl+drag type when Type layer is selected Move type in image
shift+arrow keys, ctrl+shift+arrow keys etc. Select Characters: Use Standard Windows Editing Shortcuts
shift+click Select characters from insertion point to mouse click point
shift+click Create a new text layer, when a text layer is selected in the Layers panel
Double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, or quintuple-click Select a word, line, paragraph, or story
ctrl+h Show/Hide selection on selected type
ctrl Display the bounding box for transforming text when editing text, or activate Move tool if cursor is inside the bounding box
ctrl+drag a bounding box handle Scale text within a bounding box when resizing the bounding box
space+drag Move text box while creating text box

▲ up

17. Format Type
Horizontal Type tool+ctrl+shift+l, c, or r Align left, center, or right
Vertical Type tool+ctrl+shift+l, c, or r Align top, center, or bottom
ctrl+shift+x Choose 100% horizontal scale
ctrl+shift+alt+x Choose 100% vertical scale
ctrl+shift+alt+a Choose Auto leading
ctrl+shift+q Choose 0 for tracking
ctrl+shift+j Justify paragraph, left aligns last line
ctrl+shift+f Justify paragraph, justifies all
ctrl+shift+alt+h Toggle paragraph hyphenation on/off
ctrl+shift+alt+t Toggle single/every-line composer on/off
ctrl+shift+; Decrease or increase type size of selected text 2 points or pixels
alt+arrow down or arrow up Decrease or increase leading 2 points or pixels
shift+alt+arrow down or arrow up Decrease or increase baseline shift 2 points or pixels
alt+arrow left or arrow right Decrease or increase kerning/tracking 20/1000 ems

▲ up

18. Slicing and Optimizing
ctrl Toggle between Slice tool and Slice Selection tool
shift+drag Draw square slice
alt+drag Draw from center outward
shift+alt+drag Draw square slice from center outward
space+drag Reposition slice while creating slice
Right-click slice Open context-sensitive menu

▲ up

19. Photoshop CS5 Panels
All Panels
alt+click New button Set options for new items (except for Actions, Animation, Styles, Brushes, Tool Presets, and Layer Comps panels)
alt+click delete button Delete without confirmation (except for the Brush panel)
shift+enter Apply value and keep text box active
tab Show/Hide all panels
shift+tab Show/Hide all panels except the toolbox and options bar
Select tool and press enter Highlight options bar
shift+arrow up/arrow down Increase/decrease selected values by 10
Action Panel
alt+click the check mark next to a command Turn command on and all others off, or turns all commands on
alt+click Turn current modal control on and toggle all other modal controls
alt+double-click action or action set Change action or action set options
Double-click recorded command Display Options dialog box for recorded command
ctrl+double-click an action Play entire action
alt+click the triangle Collapse/expand all components of an action
ctrl+click the Play button Play a command
alt+click the New Action button Create new action and begin recording without confirmation
shift+click the action/ command Select contiguous items of the same kind
ctrl+click the action/ command Select discontiguous items of the same kind
Adjustment Panel
alt+3 (red),
alt+4 (green),
alt+5 (blue)
Choose specific channel for adjustment
alt+2 Choose composite channel for adjustment
delete or backspace Delete adjustment layer
alt+click Auto button Define Auto options for Levels or Curves
Animation Panel (Frames Mode)
shift+click second frame Select/deselect multiple contiguous frames
ctrl+click multiple frames Select/deselect multiple discontiguous frames
alt+Paste Frames command from the Panel pop-up menu Paste using previous settings without displaying the dialog box
Animation Panel (Timeline Mode, PS extended)
space Start playing the timeline or Animation panel
alt+click the current-time display in the upper-left corner of the timeline. Switch between timecode and frame numbers (current time view)
alt+click Expand and collapse list of layers
Hold down the shift key when clicking the next/previous Frame buttons (on either side of the Play button). Jump to the next/previous whole second in timeline
Hold down the shift key while dragging the current time. Increase playback speed
Hold down the ctrl key while dragging the current time. Decrease playback speed
shift+drag Snap an object (keyframe, the current time, layer in point, and so on) to the nearest object in timeline
alt+drag (first or last keyframe in the selection) Scale (evenly distribute to condensed or extended length) a selected group of multiple keyframes
arrow left or page up Back one frame
arrow right or page down Forward one frame
shift+arrow left or shift+page up Back ten frames
shift+arrow right or shift+page down Forward ten frames
home / end Move to the beginning / to the end of the timeline
shift+home / shift+end Move to the beginning / to the end of the work area
arrow up Move to “In” point of the current layer
arrow down Move to the “Out” point of the current layer
shift+arrow up / shift+arrow down Back 1 second / Forward 1 second
esc Return a rotated document to its original orientation
Brush Panel
alt+click brush Delete brush
Double-click brush Rename brush
alt+right click+drag left or right Change brush size
alt+right click+drag up or down Decrease/increase brush softness/hardness
, (comma) / . (period) Select previous/next brush size
shift+, (comma) / shift+. (period) Select first/ Select last brush
caps lock or shift+caps lock Display precise cross hair for brushes
shift+alt+p Toggle airbrush option
Channels Panel
ctrl+3 (red),
ctrl+4 (green),
ctrl+5 (blue)
Select individual channels
ctrl+2 Select composite channel
ctrl+click channel thumbnail, or
alt+ctrl+3 (red),
alt+ctrl+4 (green),
alt+ctrl+5 (blue)
Load channel as selection
ctrl+shift+click channel thumbnail. Add to current selection
ctrl+alt+click channel thumbnail Subtract from current selection
ctrl+shift+alt+click channel thumbnail Intersect with current selection
alt+click Save Selection As Channel button Set options for Save Selection As Channel button
ctrl+click Create New Channel button Create a new spot channel
shift+click color channel Select/deselect multiple color-channel selection
shift+click alpha channel Select/deselect alpha channel and show/hide as a rubylith overlay
Double-click alpha or spot channel thumbnail Display channel options
~ Toggle composite and grayscale mask in Quick Mask mode
Clone Source Panel
alt+shift Show Clone Source (overlays image)
alt+shift+arrow keys Nudge Clone Source
alt+shift+; Rotate Clone Source
alt+shift+[ or ] Scale (increase or reduce size) Clone Source
Color Panel
alt+click color in color bar Select background color
Right-click color bar Display Color Bar menu
shift+click color bar Cycle through color choices
History Panel
alt+new Snapshot Create a new snapshot
Double-click snapshot name Rename snapshot
ctrl+shift+z Step forward through image states
ctrl+alt+z Step backward through image states
alt+click the image state Duplicate any image state, except the current state
alt+clear History Permanently clear history (no Undo) in History panel pop-up menu
Info Panel
Click eyedropper icon Change color readout modes
Click crosshair icon Change measurement units
Layers Panel
ctrl+click layer thumbnail Load layer transparency as a selection
ctrl+shift+click layer thumbnail. Add to current selection
ctrl+alt+click layer thumbnail. Subtract from current selection
ctrl+shift+alt+click layer thumbnail. Intersect with current selection
ctrl+click filter mask thumbnail Load filter mask as a selection
ctrl+g Group layers
ctrl+shift+g Ungroup layers
ctrl+alt+g Create/release clipping mask
ctrl+alt+a Select all layers
ctrl+shift+e Merge visible layers
alt+click New Layer button Create new empty layer with dialog box
ctrl+click New Layer button Create new layer below target layer
alt+.. (period) Select top layer
alt+,, (comma) Select bottom layer
shift+alt+[ or ] Add to layer selection in Layers panel
alt+[ or ] Select next layer down/up
ctrl+[ or ] Move target layer down/up
ctrl+shift+alt+e Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layer
Highlight layers you want to merge, then ctrl+e Merge layers
ctrl+shift+[ or ] Move layer to bottom or top
alt+ Merge Down command from the Panel pop-up menu Copy current layer to layer below
alt+ Merge Visible command from the Panel pop-up menu Merge all visible layers to a new layer above the currently selected layer
Right-click the eye icon Show/hide this layer/layer group only or all layers/layer groups
alt+ click the eye icon Show/hide all other currently visible layers
/ (forward slash) Toggle lock transparency for target layer, or last applied lock
Double-click layer effect/style Edit layer effect/style, options
alt-double-click layer effect/style Hide layer effect/style
Double-click layer Edit layer style
shift+click vector mask thumbnail Disable/enable vector mask
Double-click layer mask thumbnail Open Layer Mask Display Options dialog box
shift+click layer mask thumbnail Toggle layer mask on/off
shift+click filter mask thumbnail Toggle filter mask on/off
alt+click layer mask thumbnail Toggle between layer mask/composite image
alt+click filter mask thumbnail Toggle between filter mask/composite image
\ (backslash), or shift+alt+click Toggle rubylith mode for layer mask on/off
Double-click type layer thumbnail Select all type; temporarily select Type tool
alt+click the line dividing two layers Create a clipping mask
Double-click the layer name Rename layer
Double-click the filter effect Edit filter settings
Double-click the Filter Blending icon Edit the Filter Blending options
ctrl+click New Group button Create new layer group below current layer/layer set
alt+click New Group button Create new layer group with dialog box
alt+click Add Layer Mask button Create layer mask that hides all/selection
ctrl+click Add Layer Mask button Create vector mask that reveals all/path area
ctrl+alt+click Add Layer Mask button Create vector mask that hides all or displays path area
Right-click layer group and choose Group Properties, or double-click group Display layer group properties
shift+click Select/deselect multiple contiguous layers
ctrl+click Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layers
Layers Comps Panel
alt+click Create New Layer Comp button Create new layer comp without the New Layer Comp box
Double-click layer comp Open Layer Comp Options dialog box
Double-click layer comp name Rename in-line
shift+click Select/deselect multiple contiguous layer comps
ctrl+click Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layer comps
Paths Panel
ctrl+click pathname Load path as selection
ctrl+shift+click pathname Add path to selection
ctrl+alt+click pathname Subtract path from selection
ctrl+shift+alt+click pathname Retain intersection of path as selection
ctrl+shift+h Hide path
alt+click button Set options for Fill Path with Foreground Color button, Stroke Path with Brush button, Load Path as a Selection button, Make Work Path from Selection button, and Create New Path button
Swatches Panel
Click in empty area of panel Create new swatch from foreground color
ctrl+click swatch Set swatch color as background color
alt+click swatch Delete swatch

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20. 3D tools (PS Extended)
n Enable 3D camera tools
alt+ctrl+x Hide nearest surface
alt+shift+ctrl+x Show all surfaces
right-click / alt Change between Rotate, Roll, Drag, Slide, and Scale 3D Object Tool
shift Scale on the Y plane

▲ up

21. Measurement (PS Extended)
shift+ctrl+m Record a measurement
ctrl+d Deselects all measurements
ctrl+a Selects all measurements
shift+ctrl+h Hide/show all measurements
backspace Removes a measurement
arrow keys Nudge the measurement
shift+arrow keys Nudge the measurement in increments
ctrl+left/right arrow key Extend/shorten selected measurement
shift+ctrl+left/right arrow key Extend/shorten selected measurement in increments
ctrl+up/down arrow key Rotate selected measurement

▲ up

22. DICOM files (PS Extended)
z Zoom tool
h Hand tool
w Window Level tool
ctrl+a Select all frames
ctrl+d Deselect all frames except the current frame
arrow keys Navigate through frames

▲ up

23. Extract and Pattern Maker (plug-in)
Extract and Pattern Maker
ctrl+0 Fit in window
ctrl++ / ctrl+- Zoom in / Zoom out
tab Cycle through controls on right from top
shift+tab Cycle through controls on right from bottom
space Temporarily activate Hand tool
alt Change Cancel to Reset
Extract Only
b Edge Highlighter tool
g Fill tool
i Eyedropper tool
c Cleanup tool
t Edge Touchup tool
alt+Edge Highlighter/Eraser tool Toggle between Edge Highlighter tool and Eraser tool
ctrl with Edge Highlighter tool selected Toggle Smart Highlighting
alt+delete Remove current highlight
ctrl+delete Highlight entire image
shift+click with Fill tool selected Fill foreground area and preview extraction
ctrl+drag Move mask when Edge Touchup tool is selected
alt+drag Add opacity when Cleanup tool is selected
x Toggle Show menu options in preview between Original and Extracted
shift+x Enable Cleanup and Edge Touchup tools before preview
f Cycle through Display menu in preview from top to bottom
shift+f Cycle through Display menu in preview from bottom to top
arrow down/arrow up in Brush Size text box Decrease/increase brush size by 1
arrow left/arrow right with Brush Size Slider showing Decrease/increase brush size by 1
0…9 Set strength of Cleanup or Edge Touchup tool
Pattern Maker Only
ctrl+d Delete current selection
ctrl+z Undo a selection move
ctrl+g Generate or generate again
shift+alt+select Intersect with current selection
x Toggle view: original/generated pattern
home Go to first tile in Tile History
end Go to last tile in Tile History
arrow left, page up Go to previous tile in Tile History
arrow right, page down Go to next tile in Tile History
delete Delete current tile from Tile History
arrow right, arrow left, arrow up, or arrow down Nudge selection when viewing the original
shift+arrow right, arrow left, arrow up, or arrow down Increase selection nudging when viewing the original

▲ up

24. Function keys
f1 Start Help
f2 Cut
f3 Copy
f4 Paste
f5 Show/Hide Brush panel
f6 Show/Hide Color panel
f7 Show/Hide Layers panel
f8 Show/Hide Info panel
f9 Show/Hide Actions panel
f12 Revert
shift+f5 Fill
shift+f6 Feather Selection
shift+f7 Inverse Selection

I cannot find any guide regarding the title and luckily I stumble upon a website the uses Google translate and I noticed every time I click on to another language it redirects to and removes the top frame. I am a programmer (but a dumb one) and with that little background I became curious and analyze the source code of the page. I found a short code written in JavaScript which I suspect is the one responsible in removing the top frame whenever the page loads or redirects to google’s translation site.

I copied the code and tested on my draft blog which is hosted on my computer locally, To my surprise it worked and I want to share this with everyone who’s curious and want to get rid of the top frame whenever they want to translate a certain page or website this is helpful for webmasters and blogger’s as well.

Before I tell you how to do it let me warn you that it only works per one language. If you attempted to translate it to another while on the certain translated page an error will show up. As a temporary fix you need to go back to the home page as in the original URL of the site e.g. then select another.

Without further ado here’s the small piece of code:

<script type='text/javascript'>
if ( !== window.self) { = window.self.location;}

Simply paste it below the <body> tag of your site or blog and make sure you already have the translation widget or links before applying.

Free Picasa Flash and HTML photo gallery plugins for Picasa to showcase your photos.

Sharing Option

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

To include the button beneath each post,

  1. Select Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Check the Expand Widget Templates checkbox
  3. Copy and paste the code snippet below into the template, right after the <div class='post-footer'> tag
  4. Click Save Template

<!– AddThis Button BEGIN –>
<script type=”text/javascript”>var addthis_pub=”49eecb9c76fa2be1″;</script><br/>
<a expr:name=’data:post.title’ expr:id=’data:post.url’ onmouseover=’return addthis_open(this, “”,,;’ onmouseout=’addthis_close()’ onclick=’return addthis_sendto()’><img src=”; width=”125″ height=”16″ alt=”Bookmark and Share” style=”border:0″ /></a>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””&gt;
<!– AddThis Button END –>