Yahoo OAuth to Import Contacts

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Must Watch, Php


This is similar to Gmail OAuth.

First get the API KEY from Yahoo.

Then set the application’s access on the proceding page. Like set Messanger Access Contact, then access the data for Contacts.

Get the App ID, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

Then start coding the below lines.


<?php $app_id = '[Enter the Application ID]'; $consumer_key = '[Enter the Consumer Key]'; $consumer_secret= '[Enter the Consumer Secret]'; $connected_path = 'Connected.php'; $re_url = "[Enter the path to Connected.php]/Connected.php"; ?>


<?php include_once 'config.php'; ?> <a href="<?=$connected_path?>">Connect me with Yahoo</a>


<? include_once 'config.php'; require_once (''); $session = YahooSession::requireSession($consumer_key,$consumer_secret,$app_id); if (is_object($session)) { $user = $session->getSessionedUser(); $profile = $user->getProfile(); $name = $profile->nickname; // Getting user name $guid = $profile->guid; // Getting Yahoo ID $contacts=$user->getContacts()->contacts; echo "Hi! ".$name."<br />"; for ($i=0,$k=0;$i<count($contacts->contact);$i++) { for($j=0;$j<count($contacts->contact[$i]->fields);$j++) { $url_data = $contacts->contact[$i]->fields[$j]->uri; $url_pie=explode("/user/", $url_data); $url_end=substr($url_pie[1], stripos($url_pie[1], "/")+1); $data=explode("/", $url_end); if ($data[2]==="email") { $email_fr[$k]=$user->getDatafrom($url_end)->email->value; $k++; } } } echo "You have ".$k." contacts.<br />"; for($i=0;$i<$k;$i++) echo ($i+1).": ".$email_fr[$i]."<br />"; } else { header("Location :".$re_url); } can be downloaded here.


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