The 100 WordPress Related Blogs You Need In Your Life

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Wordpress
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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging platform around, mainly because it is free and it is 100% customizable.

Over 80% of people are using WordPress as their blogging platform and one cannot be successful unless he keeps himself updated with the latest happenings & trends in the WordPress community.

The best way to keep updated with regular trends & updates is by subscribing to best WordPress blogs and websites.

Further more, such blogs can provide excellent tutorials and tips that will help you manage the WordPress-powered websites.

Here’s the list of 100 WordPress Related Websites:

# Name Founder Categories
1  WordPress Official Blog  Matt Mullenweg  WordPress News
2  WordPress Planet  Matt Mullenweg  WordPress Updates
3  Matt Mullenweg  WordPress Videos
4  WP Beginner  Syed Balkhi  News & Tutorials
6  WP Candy  Ryan Imel  News & Tutorials
7  WP Tuts  Envato  WordPress Tutorials
8  Digging Into WordPress  Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr  WordPress Tutorials
9  Theme Shaper  Ian Stewart  WordPress Tutorials
10  Bavotasan  Chris Bavota  WordPress Tutorials
11  WP Smashing Mag  Vitaly Friedman  WordPress Tutorials
12  WP Tavern  Jeff Chandler  WP News & articles
13  James Farmer  WP, BuddyPress & MU
14  ProBlogDesign  Michael Martin  WordPress Tutorials
15  Lorelle on WordPress  Lorelle VanFossen  WP News & articles
16  WP Snipp  Kevin Chard  WordPress Snippets
17  WP Snippets  Filip Stefansson  WordPress Snippets
18  WP Engineer  Alexander Frison  Hacks & Tutorials
19  Web Tools Collection  Madhujit Ghosh  WordPress News
20  Kovshenin  Konstantin Kovshenin  WordPress Tips & News
21  WP Mods  Michael Jackness  WordPress Themes
22  Pippin’s Plugins  Pippin Williamson  Tutorials & Plugins
21  wpMail  Cristian Antohe  WordPress Newsletter
22  WP Lift  Oliver Dale  Themes & Tutorials
23  WP Living  William Ellington  WordPress Videos
24  WP Garage  Miriam Schwab  Plugins & Themes
25  WP Force  Jonathan Dingman  News & Tutorials
26  DeluxeBlogTips  Rilwis  WordPress Tips
27  Cozmoslabs  Cristian Antohe  WordPress Tutorials
28  WP Theming  Devin  Tutorials and Themes
29  DIY Themes Blog  Chris Personified  WordPress Tips & Thesis
30  ManageWP Blog  Vladimir Prelovac  Themes & Plugins
31  WP Engine Blog  Austin Gunter  News & Interviews
32  WP Arena  Ahmad  Themes & Plugins
33  WP Recipes  Jean Baptiste Jung  WordPress Snippets
34  Do it with WordPress  Dave Clements  Tutorials & reviews
35  WP Pro Business  Adam W. Warner  WordPress Business
36  Konstantin Kovshenin  WP News & Articles
37  WP Shock  Stuart Duff  News & Tutorials
38  WP Mayor  Jean Galea  News & Hacks
39  WP Explorer  AJ Clarke  Themes & Snippets
40  WP Hacks  Kyle Eslick  WordPress Hacks
41  Ben  News & Reviews
42  JupiterJims  Jupiter Jims  WP & Thesis Tutorials
43  Sparring Mind  Gregory Ciotti  WordPress + Psycology
44  BobWP  Bob Dunn  WP Training & Tutorials
45 Blog  Joshua Strebel  WordPress News
46  WP Lover  Hafiz Rahman  Theme Development
47  Themergency  Brad Vincent  WP News & Articles
48  WP Rockers  Md Jinnat Hasan  WordPress News
49  WP Sites  Brad Dalton  WP News & Articles
50  Blondish  Nicole Lipscomb  WP News & Articles
51  Instant Shift  DKumar M  WordPress Themes
52  WP Square  Bharat Choudhary  Themes & Plugins
53  Cats Who Code  Jean Baptiste Jung  WordPress Tutorials
54  Kolakube Blog  Alex Mangini  Thesis Updates & Tutorials
55  SDavis Media  Sean Davis  Thesis Tutorials
56  1st Web Designer  Dainis Graveris  WordPress Tutorials
57  Specky Boy  Paul Andrew  WordPress Tutorials
58  WP Cookies  Altaf Sayani  WordPress How-to
59  WP Shout  Alex Denning  WordPress Tutorials
60  WP Roots  J.R Farr  WordPress Tutorials
61  PixoPoint  Ryan Hellyer  WordPress Hacks
62  Bill Erickson  Bill Erickson  WP, Genesis & Thesis Tuts
63  Gary’s Code  Gary Jones  WP & Genesis Tutorials
64  WP Smith  Travis Smith  WP News & Articles
65  MFields  Michael Fields  WP News & Articles
66  Were WP  Jeremy Herve  WP News & Articles
67  Design PX  Jason Manheim  WP News & Articles
68  WP Modder  Adam W. Warner  WP News & Articles
69  WP Hub  Michael Jackness  Themes & Plugins
70  Yoast  Joost De Walk  WP News & Articles
71  WP Sift  Stuart Duff  Social Bookmarking site
72  WP Vote  Ben Gillbanks  Social Bookmarking site
73  WP Hits  Omer Greenwald  Social Bookmarking site
74  WP Junkies  Michele Welch & Ditesco  Social Bookmarking site
75  WP Deck  Dev  WordPress Themes
76  WP Insite  Jason Broadhurst  WP News & Articles
77  Perishable Press  Jeff Starr  WordPress Tutorials
78  New2WP  Jared  WordPress Tutorials
79  Please Advise  Mike, Jake & Chris  WordPress Podcast
80  Justin Tadlock  Justin Tadlock  WordPress Tutorials
81  WP 101  Shawn Hesketh  WordPress Training
82  WP Life Guard  Sean McCabe  WordPress Training
83  Austin Passy  Austin Passy  WordPress Snippets
84  Alex King  Alex  WordPress Tutorials
85  WP Seek  Oliver Schloebe  WP Search Engine
86  Theme Lab  Leland Fiegel  WP Tutorials
87  Web Synthesis Blog  Jerod Morris  WordPress Articles & Tips
88  We Love WP  Brett Reilly  WordPress Gallery
89  ColorLabs Blog  Michael Hutagalung  WP News & Articles
90  Woo Themes Blog  Adii  WP News & Articles
91  Studio Press TV  Brain Gardner  Genesis Tuts videos
92  WP Tids Bits  Amat Noor  WP News & Articles
93  Paulund  Paul  WordPress Tutorials
94  Hongkiat  Hongkiat Lim  WP News & Articles
95  InspireDM  Catalin Zorzini  WP News & Articles
96  WMWeb Design Blog  Keith Davis  Genesis Themes & Tips
97  Technosailer  Aaron  WP News & Articles
98  Cloud Theming  Beau  WP News & Articles
99  Otto Press  Otto  WordPress Tutorials
100  WordPress Kube  Devesh  WP News & Tutorials

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