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WordPress has pretty decent typography features in the core installation. But there are plenty of areas ripe for improvement. That’s where the plugins below come in.

wordpress typography plugin

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Whether you just want more control over how the basic text on your site shows up or you want to do something a bit more advanced, there’s surely a plugin available to help. There are plugins to better handle things like hyphens and long URLS, plugins to replace text with images (whether in headlines or to avoid censorship), and plugins to let you add print-centric elements, like drop caps and pull quotes, to your posts.

Be sure to check out our previous post on Dynamic Image Replacement for more useful WordPress typography plugins and here are some WordPress related articles we’ve previously published:

Full list after jump.


Typography Plugins For Better Readability


The TTFTitles plugin is another dynamic text replacement plugin that lets you replace your headers with images using any TrueType font you choose. It’s mostly a rework of the Image Headlines plugin. It has been tested with WP 1.5.2 up through 2.7.


DRF2WP EN is a font replacement plugin that allows you to replace any font on your WP site with a dynamically generated image that uses any TrueType or OpenType font you want. The source code remains in-tact, which means your site won’t take a hit with search engines. The plugin works with WP 2.5 up to 2.8.4.

Drop Caps

The Drop Caps plugin lets you add a customized drop cap to each of your posts and pages (or even comments and other excerpts), similar to what’s commonly done in print publications. It can also be used to create other types of initials. The plugin has been tested with WP 2.3 up through 2.7.1.

WP Typography

The WP Typography plugin adds a number of typography features to your blog. It includes hyphenation, spacing control, forced internal wrapping of long URLs, intelligent character placement, smart handling of quotes and other characters, and CSS hooks for styling ampersands, acronyms, and other special characters. It works with WP 2.7 up through 2.8.4.

Simple Pull Quote

The Simple Pull Quote plugin lets you insert pull quotes into your blog posts to emphasize certain sentences or phrases using custom fields. Pull quotes can be styled by editing the included CSS file. It works with WP 2.7 or 2.8.

jQuery Font Resizer

jQuery Font Resizer is a plugin that improves the usability and accessibility of your blog. It adds three links to each page to allow visitors to resize the type on that particular page. It’s a great option to make your site more user-friendly to visitors who want a larger or smaller type than standard. It’s known to work with WP version 2.0.2 up through 2.7.


WP-Syntax is another syntax highlighter that uses GeSHi. It gives you the option to highlight with or without line numbers and maintains formatting when you copy snippets. WP-Syntax is compatible with WP 2.0 up through 2.8.

Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

The Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress lets the original Google Syntax Highlighter that was developed by Alex Gorbatchev work within WP. It’s a completely client-side highlighter, supports multiple languages (including Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Delphi, CSS, C++ and more), and is very lightweight. It’s known to be compatible with version 2.0.0 through 2.2.2.

WP-Syntax Colorizer

WP-Syntax Colorizer is a simple plugin for colorizing code snippets within your blog posts when run alongside WP-Syntax. WP-Syntax Colorizer has been tested with WP 2.0 up through 2.5.


CodeColorer adds syntax highlighting to code snippets placed on your blog. It’s a great plugin to use if you frequently post code snippets, such as on a web design or development blog. It works with version 2.7 up through 2.8.4.


The TextImage plugin replaces all the text in a post with a PNG image. It’s a good plugin to use if you wnat to block search engines from seeing your content or otherwise fly under the radar. It also gets around most automated filtering that certain countries use to censor internet content. It’s been tested with WP 2.1 up through 2.7.1.


Censortive helps you get around automated censorship by replacing certain words with images of the word instead of text. You define which words you want to be replaced and Censortive does the rest. It’s a great plugin for getting around a lot of censorship without blocking your content from search engines. It’s been tested with WP 2.0.2 up through 2.3.

Title Style

Title Style gives you additional formatting options for your post titles. It can be used to wrap lowercase words or words like “the”, “a”, or “of” in em, span, or other elements. It’s compatible with WP 2.0.0 up through 2.8.4.

PS Disable Auto Formatting

PS Disable Auto Formatting prevents WordPress from applying its own auto formatting functions to your posts and pages. It prevents WP from stripping out tags when you’re editing in the HTML editor and has a positive impact on the way the visual editor formats your posts, too. It’s known to be compatible with WP 2.5 up through 2.8.3.

Post Typographer

Post Typographer plugin adds a number of typography improvements to your posts automatically. It changes dashes with spaces around them to em-dashes, transforms hyphens without spaces to n-dashes, and turns spaces after particular words into non-breaking spaces, among other features. It’s been tested with WP 2.5 up through 2.8.3.

Author Intro for Post

Author Intro for Post plugin adds an author intro to the beginning of each post based on the author’s name and bio information. It’s been tested with WP versions 2.0.2 through 2.7.


WP-Footnotes makes it simple to add footnotes to your posts. Usage is incredibly easy and only requires you to use double-parentheses around your footnote. It does the rest. It’s compatible with WP versions 2.0 through 2.6.

Typography Plugins for Admins

Here are a couple of admin plugins that can help you improve your site’s typography by giving you more editing options in the back-end of your site.

WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit adds a host of WYSIWYG options to the standard WP visual editor. It adds two full rows of additional features to your visual editor toolbar, including options for applying specific styles and for adding and formatting tables. It’s known to work with version 2.8 and 2.8.1.

Real WYSIWYG Plugin

The Real WYSIWYG Plugin adds a WYSIWYG editor that actually shows you the page layout of your post within the visual editor. It makes it easier to see how your line breaks, images, and other elements will actually fit on your page.

Text Control

Text Control gives you additional options for formatting posts on your WP site according to a variety of different syntaxes and encoding options, including Textile 1, Textile 2, and Markdown. It’s compatible with WP 1.5 and higher.



If you are looking for php code or a plugin for your WordPress that takes a post ID and returns the database record for that post then read on. This is very helpful when you want to show a specific post on your homepage or other pages to get more attention. It allows you to design your homepage or a page with the post(s) that you want to be shown on the page rather than the 10 recent posts that the WordPress automatically chooses for you.

PHP Code Example to Query a WordPress Post

Example 1

The following code will Query the post with post id 26 and Show the title and the content.

$post_id = 26;
$queried_post = get_post($post_id);
$title = $queried_post->post_title;
echo $title;
echo $queried_post->post_content;

Example 2

The following style could be more useful as it lets the user customise the font easily.

$post_id = 26;
$queried_post = get_post($post_id);
<h2><?php echo $queried_post->post_title; ?></h2>
<?php echo $queried_post->post_content; ?>

Example 3

Using an Array… The following code will query every post number in ‘thePostIdArray’ and show the title of those posts.

<?php $thePostIdArray = array("28","74", "82", "92"); ?>
<?php $limit = 4 ?>
<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); $counter++; ?>
<?php if ( $counter < $limit + 1 ): ?>
<div id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">
<?php $post_id = $thePostIdArray[$counter-1]; ?>
<?php $queried_post = get_post($post_id); ?>
<h2><?php echo $queried_post->post_title; ?></h2>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

How to Display the Post Content Like WordPress

When you retrieve the post content from the database you get the unfiltered content. If you want to achieve the same output like WordPress does in its’ posts or pages then you need to apply filter to the content. You can use the following code:

$post_id = 26;
$queried_post = get_post($post_id);
$content = $queried_post->post_content;
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $content);
$content = str_replace(']]>', ']]&gt;', $content);
echo $content;

For a range of all the returned fields that you can use, check the WordPress site here.

Query X Number of Recent Posts

You can use the “wp_get_recent_posts” function to retrieve X number of recent posts and then display them however you want to. Here is an example:

//Query 5 recent published post in descending order
$args = array( 'numberposts' => '5', 'order' => 'DESC','post_status' => 'publish' );
$recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts( $args );
//Now lets do something with these posts
foreach( $recent_posts as $recent )
    echo 'Post ID: '.$recent["ID"];
    echo 'Post URL: '.get_permalink($recent["ID"]);
    echo 'Post Title: '.$recent["post_title"];
    //Do whatever else you please with this WordPress post

Using a Plugin to List all Posts Alphabetically

You can also use the WP Alphabetic Listing WordPress plugin to list all your posts.


This page has a list of some of the best WordPress Plugins out there. Check out this list of top WordPress plugins and find out which plugins you should be using to improve your blogging efficiency.

Must Use Plugins

  • Akismet – best guard against comment spam for WordPress blog!
  • WordPress Database Backup – This plugin is a life saver when things go wrong! It allows on-demand backup of your WordPress database.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – Yoast’s all in one SEO solution for your WordPress blog: SEO titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs & much more.
  • All in One SEO Pack – Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. If you are using the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin then don’t install this one.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

Blog Statistics Related

  • Google Analytics for WordPress – This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics with extra search engines and automatic clickout and download tracking to your WordPress blog.
  • Stats – Tracks views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks. This plugin requires a API key to function.

Caching Plugin

  • W3 Total Cache – The fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. After you use the w3 total cache plugin you won’t go back to using WP Super Cache.
  • WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

Blog Security

  • WP Blog Security Tips – This is not a plugin but all the tips mentioned here should help you securing your WordPress blog.
  • LoginLockdown – Login LockDown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed WordPress login attempt. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range. This helps to prevent brute force password discovery.

RSS Subscription Related

  • FeedBurner FeedSmith – This plugin detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber.
  • Add to Any: Subscribe Button – Helps readers subscribe to your blog using any feed reader.
  • Category Specific RSS Menu – A simple WordPress plugin to add category specific RSS subscription menu into your posts, pages, sidebars. Very handy when your blog covers multiple topic from non related subjects. This plugin was developed by me.

Contact Forms Related

  • Contact Form 7 – Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.
  • cforms – cforms II is the most customizable, flexible & powerful ajax supporting contact form plugin.
  • WP Contact form – WP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you.
  • Gravity Forms – Build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes. No drudgery, just quick and easy form-building.

Social Networking

  • Sociable – Automatically add links to your favorite social bookmarking sites on your posts, pages and in your RSS feed.
  • Share This – This is a very useful plugin that allows your visitors to share a post/page with others. Supports e-mail and posting to social bookmarking sites.
  • Fat Free WordPress Social Share Buttons Plugin – This is a very simple and FAT FREE share button plugin that adds Google plus one, Facebook and Twitter share buttons to your blog posts.

For Google Adsense

  • Simple Google Adsense insertion – Easy to use WordPress plugin to insert Google Adsense to your posts, pages and sidebar. This plugin was developed by me.
  • Adsense-Deluxe – Place Google AdSense ads in your WordPress Posts. Capable of handling complex adsense management.

E-commerce, Paypal Donation and Payment

  • WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart – is a very easy to use plugin that allows you to sell products or services online in one click from your WordPress blog. Very useful when you want to sell eBooks or digital products from various posts and pages and need a WordPress Shopping Cart solution.
  • WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept – This is a very easy to use WordPress plugin to Accept donation or Paypal payment for a service or a product in one click. Handy when you are trying to put a customized donation option in the sidebar of your blog.
  • WordPress eStore – This plugin provides a complete solution to sell digital products securely from your wordpress blog.

Membership Plugin

  • WordPress eMember – WordPress eMember is a membership plugin that can turn your existing or new WordPress site into a membership site easily.

Affiliate Related

  • WP Affiliate Platform – WordPress plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking. This plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program and allows you to reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referred sales.
  • WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaker – Allows you to automatically convert specific keywords from your blog posts and pages into your affiliate links. It also cloaks the affiliate links and gives it a prettier and shorter alias (great for an affiliate marketer).

Other Very Useful Plugins

  • Simple Tags – This is one of my most favorite plugins. It makes my WordPress Tagging life so much easier. It helps with Auto completion, Suggested Tags, Tag Cloud Widgets, Related Posts, Mass edit tags.
  • Executable PHP Widget – Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Very handy for inserting custom ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘javascript’ in the sidebar.
  • SyntaxHighlighter Plus – A plugin to highlight any code in your posts or pages. very handy if you use example codes in your Blog.
  • WordPress Newsletter subscription – Creates a simple form to collect subscription requests to newsletter software managed mailing lists.
  • WP-Polls – Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. Allows you to easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page.
  • No Self Pings – This plugin does exactly what the name suggests.
  • Exclude Pages – This plugin lets you manually exclude WordPress pages from the navigation menu. Comes in handy when you are trying to create hidden pages.
  • WP – This WordPress plugin reduces image file size and improve performance using the API within WordPress. Everytime you upload an image to your media uploader this plugin will automatically compress the image without losing quality!
  • WP Video Lightbox – The WordPress Video Lightbox plugin allows you to embed videos on a page using lightbox overlay display. This plugin can be used to display images, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, iFrame etc in a nice lightbox overlay.

This page will be regularly updated to keep the plugin list up to date and relevant. Please suggest your favorite plugins through the comment area below so I can check them out and possibly add them to this useful plugins list. Don’t forget to checkout the Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site article too.


If you are looking for a WordPress plugin for Contact Form that is very easy to use and works without any hassle then read on.

A while back I was looking for a Contact Form plugin for my WordPress site and after spending a considerable amount of time I found out that most of them are not simple to use and some them don’t even work! I kept looking and finally I found two plugins that are easy to use and guess what it works too! So I decided to share my experience with others in hopes that it will save a lot of people’s time who are looking for such plugin.

The two WordPress plugins that I like for Contact Form are:
1) WP Contact Form.
2) cforms II.

WP Contact Form

WP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you. It can be implemented on a page or a post.

After you activate the plugin, go to the “Contact form” options page from the WordPress Settings menu to configure the options like email address to send to and stuff.

Then insert the following line in a post or page where you want the contact form to appear and wait for the magic.
<!–contact form–>

See WP Contact Form in action here.

Download WP Contact From from here.

cforms II

cforms II is the most customizable, flexible & powerful ajax supporting contact form plugin (& comment form)!

cforms is a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi form management, you can even have multiple forms on the same page!

After you activate the plugin, go to the ‘cformsII’ admin page from the wordpress menu and configure your form. Then insert the following line in a post or page where you want the contact form to appear.
<!–cforms name=”XYZ”–>
“XYZ” is the name of the form that you configured earlier.

For backwards compatibility, the old-fashioned way is still supported: <!–cforms–> for the first form and/or <!–cformsX–> for your other forms

Via PHP function call:
Alternatively, you can specifically insert a form (into the sidebar for instance etc.) per the PHP function call insert_cform(‘XYZ’);, or alternatively insert_cform(); for the default/first form and/or insert_cform(‘X’); for any other form.
Note: “X” represents the number of the form, starting with 2, 3,4 ..and so forth.

cforms also comes with extensive help/documentation.

Download cformsII from here.


How do I import a MySQL .SQL text file to MySQL database sever using command line or gui tools?

You can import a MySQL script (or .sql) file into MySQL server using

  1. Unix / Linux shell prompt.
  2. phpMyAdmin web based gui tool.

Unix / Linux shell prompt example

Copy a .sql file to a remote server using sftp or scp client:
$ scp foo.sql
Login into a remote server using ssh client:
$ ssh
Type the following command to import a .sql file:


In this example, import a ‘foo.sql’ file into ‘bar’ database using vivek as username:

mysql -u vivek -p -h localhost bar < foo.sql


Login to phpMyAdmin. Open a web-browser and type phpMyAdmin url:
In phpMyAdmin, choose the database you intend to work with from the database menu list (located on the left side).

phpMyAdmin Database SelectionFig.01: phpMyAdmin Database Selection

Choose the IMPORT tab > Click on Browse your computer “Choose file” > Select file > Choose Ok > Choose Go

phpMyAdmin Importing .SQL FileFig.02: phpMyAdmin Importing .SQL File

50 Useful Icon Sets

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Icons are essential part for any web design. Stylish and attractive icons make the design more appealing for any projects. Creating a useful and innovative icon sets can simply make new look of any web design.

In today’s part, we are delivering a great collection of admirably designed, new and beautiful yet professionally high-quality icon sets. However all the icons sets displayed below are free, but make sure to read all terms and condition for using them for commercial purpose. I hope that you wil enjoy these from icons will share it with your friends. Enjoy

New Social Media Icon Set

33-New Social Media Icon Set

Social Media Balloons

34-Social Media Balloons

Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

35-Free Stained and Faded Social Media Icons




Google Plus Icon Vector

37-Google Plus Icon Vector

Lifetime Social Network Icons

38-Lifetime Social Network Icons

Candy Social Media Icons

39-Candy Social Media Icons

Social media icons

40-Social media icons

Photography Icons








Application Icons


Hand-Drawn Icons


Credit Card Icons


E-Commerce Icons


E-Commerce Icons


E-Commerce Icons


3D Glossy Icons


Semi-Transparent Icons


Mobile Icon Set


Cute Blogging Icon Set


Medical Icons


Basal Icons


Vintage Social Media Stamps


Finance Icons




Trainee Icon Set


Gadget Icons


Helix icons


Pioneer Camp


Wifun Icons




Set of Social Icons


Icons For Some e-Shop


On-Stage: Free Vector PSD Icon Set


Antique Icons


Windows 7 Base Icons


Windows 7 Base Icons v2


Coquette Part 3 Icons


Weather Icons

41-Weather Icons



Vista Artistic Icons by Lokas Software

43-Vista Artistic Icons by Lokas Software

Software Icons

44-Software Icons

USB pen-drive icon

45-USB pen-drive icon

Compass icon

46-Compass icon

Twitter Follow Buttons & Icons

47-Twitter Follow Buttons & Icons

Elegant Vector Icons

48-Elegant Vector Icons

Soccer Icons

49-Soccer Icons

28 Toolbar Icons

50-Toolbar Icons