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Zincious, compatible with WordPress 3.0, is an example of an elegant design. It has custom front and is pixel-perfect. Among its major features are content slider, dropdown categories menu, social media buttons, and well integrated comment management system.


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Simplybiz is a business portfolio style theme. It features navigation support dropdown, portfolio slider and great looking professional design. Simplybiz is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and has 3 services panel page, featured video on sidebar, besides other cool features.


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Swatch Free

Swatch Free is full of usual features as seen in any good commercial theme. It features a slider on homepage to showcase your work. Custom home page allows you to add custom widgets. Besides, it has custom portfolio templates, custom post types and custom typography.


Swatch Free

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Vanadiumitic is great theme for a personal blog. It integrates features like features content, dropdown categories menu social media widgets and relates posts.


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The premium-like business theme, ultra, has a featured slider, custom post type and ability to add a blog page. Plus, the WordPress 3.0 compatible theme features smooth drop-down navigation using Super-Fish and threaded comments.


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Showcase WordPress Theme

The 2 column showcase wordpress theme features CSS showcase style, custom fonts, built-in widgets and a very good ad management as well the comment management system. The CSS-based theme is Adsense ready.

Showcase WordPress Theme

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Nickelation is compatible with WordPress version 3.0. It has robust framework and its main features include featured content, dropdown categories menu, social media widgets and ready advertisement block.


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Complete WordPress Theme

Complete is a modern business theme, which has great looking prefessional design. One of its unique features is that it comes with built-in color options. Besides, Complete features 6 built-in custom post types, a homepage slider and many other cool features.

Complete WordPress Theme

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Available in 5 clor schemes, Heliumified, showcases some fantastic features. It has easily manageable featured content, custom front page, and it’s widget ready.


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The Standard

The Standard flashes some fancy features like cool JQuery slider and has a grid layout. It enables immense type customization to play with.

The Standard

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Notepad Theme

The notepad is a simple yet dynamic theme, which comes with 13-color options. It is a clean and well-designed template for a business website. The notepad theme is highly customizable and also integrates blog component.

Notepad Theme

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Avenue is a great real estate theme. which is fully loaded with features that a premium real estate may have. The theme incorporates custom post types, custom menus, taxonomies and theme options.


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Tungstenation requires a couple of plugins like


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Thalliumity flashes jQuery image slider, eatured front page widgets, besides other featured content. The theme is a great platform tom promote your business, potfolio and other services.


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Copperific is a stylish theme to showcase your designs, blog niches or personal work samples. The magazine type theme is compatible with WordPress version 3.0 and has built-in Twitter and Facebook widgets. It also features four 125×125 banner ads for good monetization.


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Creativix is a free WordPress theme for a business site. It features a nice Javascript dropdown Menu, portfolio Page, lightbox Support, alongside aJavascript JQuery slideshow for the homepage.


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Olympia is WordPress 3 ready and is equiped with features which are equivalent to premium magazine themes. Olympia features homepage widgets, Featured thumbnails, customizable welcomebox, custom menu, featured content and Twitter updates.


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Thao Studio

Thao Studio is a nice business theme, which incorporates featured posts, and features like theme option page for higly customizable platform. The theme can work well for company or corporate websites.

Thao Studio

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Heliumified Reloaded

The reloaded version of the Heliumified theme offers unique features like the welcome section, 6 built-in color schemes, easy background/title image upload and custom frontpage and menu. The theme is compatible with the latest versions od WordPress.

Heliumified Reloaded

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Minimal Xpert

Minimal Expert is a clean professional design. Among its main features are the NivoSlider on the homepage, custom tagline and text for the homepage and custom logo & favicon options. Besides, it also integrates JQuery opacity for image hovers, CSS3 shadows and Superfish enhanced drop-down navigation.

Minimal Xpert

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Featuring a jquery slider and WordPress 3 compatibity, Vulcan is a 2 column website theme. The magazine or journal style theme is stylish and colorful. It features a right sidebar, Twitter button on header, featured thumbnails an custom menu. There is tabbed content aat the sidebar and banner ads on sidebar are customizable.


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Woo Theme

The Woo theme is a magazine design, which is quite equivalent to a premium theme. It features featured content, costomizable widgets on the homepage and custom post type.

Woo Theme

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Sky Light

Sky Light theme looks dynamic and is quite desirable for personal blogs, portfolios or corporate websites. It features post slider, theme option panel, horizontal category menu, dropdown sub-category menu and ll this in a very clean design. The theme is also enabled with Gravatar.

Sky Light

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Neodymiumos WordPress theme is a professional style to convert a basic blog into a corporate design. It has custom front widgets and jQuery Accordion slider. In addition, the theme also features WordPress MU compatibility, Facebook and Twitter widgets, threaded comments and seperate trackbacks.


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Mobile Phones Comparison

Mobile Phones Comparison is a smart 3 column theme with combination of classic colors. Its features include widgets, right sidebar and personal pages.

Mobile Phones Comparison

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Blue Rooster

Blue Roster WordPress Theme is a 2 column design with extra templates to convert into a CMS. There are widget-ready sidebar and footer. Besides, it is also social widget ready.

Blue Rooster

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My Corporation

My Corporation is a portfolio theme. It is a minimalist style designwith complete control over homepage and custom post type. There are very less images to give it a perfect minimalistic look.

My Corporation

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Thuliumy has been presented as a powerful business theme, completely free, which has flexible jQuery slider. Other features are custom front page widgets and crisp typography for a great showcase of your work. With built-in page navigation, Gravatar and widget-ready design, the theme stands out as a nice portfolio theme.


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Minimal Theme

The free Minimal Theme is a cool minimal theme. It features 5 different page templates, custom widgets, custom post types and custom blog style.

Minimal Theme

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The Proton

The Proton is a premium-like theme for magazine, portfolio or galleries. It offers over 7 color schemes, 3 Different Jquery Slider with dynamic sidebat widget and Support WordPress 3.x menu. It also supports Cufon text replacement and features 3 different post layout and 30-plus custom shortcodes.


The Proton

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Pengbo displays latest four blogs on the frontpage and uses timthumb to generate thumb images for blog and portfolio. Besided, the theme also introduces jquery tooltip. It is widget ready and works well social media interaction.


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Academica is a free CMS theme with modern layout. The three-column theme is highly customizable with custom design and custom templates. Developed for WordPress Version 3 plus, the theme features WPZOOM Options Panel, automatic image resizing and cool custom options.


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Corporattica is another by Pengbo, which is a nice WordPress theme requiring plugins. It has a clean design and nice slide effects.


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iKonik is an HTML based eCommerce theme, which works great for an online graphic store. The theme features social media share and has cross-browser compatibilty.


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Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky is a free WordPress eCommerce theme which is also Prestashop compatible. It features custom homepage, horizontal menu and submenu integration, custom slideshow module and combo slider on the homepage. It also allows one page checkout and guest checkout.

Velvet Sky

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Awesome jQuery Sliders and Other Useful jQuery EffectsjQuery library has undoubtedly made the life of JavaScript programmers easier and made it possible for non-experts to do fancy stuff themselves. With jQuery, we can do a lot of really advanced and dynamic things by writing just few lines of codes. Since its arrival, jQuery has revolutionized the way we do a great variety of web designing and developing tasks. With jQuery, we can create not only simple photo gallery or slides but also some fancy animation schemes using texts and other objects. Because jQuery effects work wonders in our designs, it makes sense that we take steps to acquire a sizeable collection of ready to use plugins in various categories. To make things easy, we are showcasing a substantial array of awesome jQuery effects web designers and developers must have so that they can save time in finding the right solution for their design concepts. Take a look at this amazing round-up of jQuery effects and enjoy!

This cool stuff easily creates a 3D rotation viewer in UIZE that lets users rotate the view of an object a full 360 degrees using a mouse, or finger on the Apple iPad.

2. Full Page Image Gallery with jQueryimage

This is a stunning full page gallery with scrollable thumbnails and a scrollable full screen preview. This works with thumbnails bar at the bottom of the page that scrolls automatically when the user moves the mouse. When a thumbnail is clicked, it moves to the center of the page and the full screen image is loaded in the background. Now the user can move up and down and the image will get scrolled automatically, giving him the opportunity to see all of the image.

3. HTML5 Slideshow w/ Canvas and jQueryimage

This effect creates progressively enhanced slideshow with a fancy transitioning effect.

4. Supersized jQuery pluginimage

Supersized jQuery plugin is a full screen background and slideshow that you can use to satisfy the craving of your clients for big and wonderful pictures.

5. Awesome Bubble Navigationimage

The effect has round navigation icons that release a bubble when hovering over them.

6. Bubbleriffic Image Gallery with jQueryimage

With Bubbleriffic you can create a bubbly image gallery that shows your images in a unique way. The idea is to show the thumbnails of albums in a rounded fashion allowing the user to scroll them automatically by moving the mouse. Clicking on a thumbnail will zoom in a big circle and the full image which will be automatically resized to fit into the screen. Navigating through the images will slide the current image to the side and make the new one appear in a zoom like fashion.

7. Highslide JSimage

Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript.

8. CrossSlideimage

CrossSlide is a jQueryplugin implementing in 2kB of Javascript code some common slide-show animations, traditionally only available via Adobe Flash or other proprietary plugins. CrossSlide builds upon jQuery’s animation facility, so it is as portable across browsers as jQuery itself.

9. Panning Slideshowimage

This slideshow has the ability to showcase imagery automatically. This is a twist from classic slideshows which uses a kind of transition to animate between slides.

10. Avia Sliderimage

This plugin features 8 unique transition effects, image preloader, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

11. Coin Sliderimage

This unique slider features smooth transition effects and is compatible with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+

12. Sliding Boxes and Captionsimage

The animation of the sliding element of this plugin either show or cover up the viewing area, thus creating the sliding effect.

13. Polaroid Photo Viewerimage

You can see your images as if it were stacked one on top of the other with this glamorous effect.

14. Semitransparent Rolloversimage

Apply this gradient effect to add enhance the beauty of the web project you are working on.

15. Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQueryimage

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery is an extraordinary gallery with scrollable thumbnails that slide out from a navigation. It has a menu of albums where each item can reveal a horizontal bar with thumbnails when clicked. The thumbnails container will scroll automatically when the user moves the mouse to the left or the right.

16. Step Carousel Viewerimage

Step Carousel Viewer displays images or even rich HTML by side scrolling them left or right. Users can step to any specific panel on demand, or browse the gallery sequentially by stepping through x number of panels each time. A smooth sliding animation is used to transition between steps.

17. Revealing Photo Sliderimage

This slider has thumbnail photo gallery, where clicking a button would reveal the entire photo and more information about that photo.

18. Sideways – Fullscreen Galleryimage

Sideways is a simple, yet elegant fullscreen image gallery created with the jQuery framework and some simple CSS.

19. Nivo Sliderimage

Nivo slider is an awesome jQuery slider that features smooth transition, keyboard navigation and html captions.

20. Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Sliderimage

Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider has is a main content area, which slides from left to right each with different unique content.

21. SlideDeckimage

With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

22. DualSliderimage

With DualSlider, you can slide your images while leaving a space for the description and other details.

23. JCoverflipimage

jCoverflip has been developed to enable fast and granular customization of the look and feel and feature set.

24. Flip Boximage

Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions.

25. ImageFlowimage

ImageFlow is an unobtrusive and userfriendly JavaScript image gallery.

26. PieceMakerimage

Piecemaker is a open source Flash image slider that displays images with 3D slice effects. The slide images  can be  configured from a XML file like setting the tween type, distance, time, delay, etc.

27. Text with Moving Backgroundsimage

This jQuery effect has some sort of a container which has a moving background, but only set of letters is visible of the background. It will be as if there are holes in your container.

28. Magic Scrollerimage

Scroll your elements with this nice effect which is easy to install. With magic scroller, you can scroll your display vertically to expose its elements, iframes, or imáges. As a precondition all the elements have to be of equal size, and the mask needs to be proportional to the elements per row.

29. jQuery Animated Innerfadeimage

jQuery Animated Innerfade is slideshow based on the work of Torsten Baldes. It has additional functions: slide effect on large images, ‘prev’, ‘pause’, ‘next’ functions, an optional background frame, and a title panel.

30. Pikachooseimage

PikaChoose is a lightweight jQuery Slideshow plugin allowing for easy presentation of photos with carousels and lightboxes! Pikachoose is designed to be easily installed and easy to setup.

31. MopSliderimage

MopSlider can accommodate any number of items. It is also very easy to use.

32. jQuery Slinky Sliderimage

Slinky Slider is a jQuery plugin that loads HTML files into panels to be shown inside a nominated <div>. Once the panels have been loaded, all bar one are collapsed. An automatic animation cycles through the panels showing the content of each in turn. When the user mouses over a panel, it expands and the automatic animation stops. The panels can contain full HTML, or just image references.

33. jQuery.SerialScrollimage

This plugin allows you to easily animate any series of elements, by sequentially scrolling them. It is a very unrestricted plugin, that lets you customize pretty much everything from outside. You can use horizontal or vertical scroll. This jQuery.SerialScroll doesn’t have one definite purpose. It’s generic and adaptable. You can certainly use it as a screen slider and text scroller. You can even build an automatic news ticker.

34. Anything Sliderimage

AnythingSlider brings together the functionality of all previous sliders and their features.

35. Zoomer Gallery jQuery Pluginimage

This jQuery effect, zooms your images inside a beautiful gallery once your mouse is on top of it. It does so in a flashy zoom style.

36. jQuery Plugin for Zoomable, Interactive Mapsimage

In this jQuery effect, each location on the map would be represented by a bullet. Clicking the bullet would bring up more information on the location. Since the locations of the bullets tended to be highly clustered, zooming into select subregions was possible.

37. Galleriaimage

Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework built on top of the jQuery library. Its goal is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices.

38. BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabsimage

This jQuery effect that can be used as a gallery to where pictures can be presented in a nice slide that automatically changes pictures the moment a mouse is on top of a navigation button.

39. Leopard Desktop with jQueryimage

This effect features elements that can be dragged and icons and buttons that zoom in when the mouse run on it.

40. Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3image

This effect is an easily configurable set of contextual slideouts. Each can be opened in one of four directions – bottom-right (default), bottom-left, top-left and top-right, and each can be in one of three colors – green (default), blue, and red.

41. Animated fullscreen background image slideshowimage

Changing the background can be done using this effect. A nice textbox can also be added to show information which is simultaneously displayed with the background.

42. Gallery Using z-index and jQueryimage

You can create an effect where pictures are animated to look like they were discarded one after the other by clicking. This is made using z-index and jQuery.

43. Background Image Navigation with jQueryimage

This is a beautiful navigation that has a background image slide effect. It has three list items that contain the same background image but with a different position. The background image for each item is animated to slide into place in different times, creating a really nice effect.

44. Morphing Galleryimage

A gallery that “morphs” images between transitions.

45. Slide Thumbsimage

With jQuery and some lines of jave-script code, you can turn your boring image viewer into a cool and elegant feature to  wow your visitors. This is what this Slide Thumbs can do.

46. Presentation Cycleimage

Presentation Cycle is a variation on the functionality of Cycle. Instead of generating a list of numbers that are clickable Presentation Cycle generates a progress bar that shows when the new slide will appear.

47. iTunes-like Sliderimage

A simple slider/slideshow which mostly emulates the one on iTunes barring few changes.

48. iCarouselimage

iCarousel is an open source (free) javascript tool for creating carousel like widgets.

49. Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQueryimage

Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQuery is a beautiful slideshow gallery that can be easily integrated in your web site. It has a container with a slideshow and the options to view a grid of thumbnails, pause the slideshow, and navigate through the pictures. The thumbnail grid will slide out from the top and allow the user to navigate through a set of thumbnails.

50. Related Posts Slide Out Boxes with jQuery and CSS3image

This awesome effect works like a little widget that can be used to show related posts in any page. It shows a fixed list at the right side of the screen with some thumbnails sticking out. When the user hovers over the items, they slide out, revealing the title and two links, one for the related article itself and one for the demo.

51. Compact News Previewer with jQueryimage

This acts as a news previewer that lets you show your latest articles or news in a compact way. The news previewer will show a list of articles on the left side and the preview of the article with a longer description on the right. Once a news on the left is clicked, the preview will slide in.

52. Annotation Overlay Effect with jQueryimage

You can create a simple overlay effect to display annotations in e.g. portfolio items of a web designers portfolio using jQuery.

53. BxSlider 2.0image

BxSlider is a jQuery content slider and image slideshow that features horizontal, vertical, fade transitions and display and move multiple slides at once (carousel).

54. Lof JSliderNewsimage

Use this stunning slider to entertain your readers while scrolling what feature your website has. It has a very smooth user interface that gives your image an added aesthetic appeal.

55. Image Rotator with Previewimage

An image rotator is one great way to display portfolio pieces, eCommerce product images, or even as an image gallery.

56. Cloud Carouselimage

This carousel features optional auto-reflections, and the information contained in the Alt and Title tags of the images can optionally be displayed as you hover over each image.

57. jQuery popeye 2.0image

This popeye-box uses the standard options: it floats to the left and opens to the right, its navigation and caption show on mouseover. By placing the navigation inside the stage area (where the image is displayed), we can get it to hover above the image.

58. Control Tabsimage

Control Tabs creates a tabbed interface from an unordered list of links/anchors that point to any elements on your page that have an id attribute. Since it attaches these behaviors to HTML that already has semantic meaning, it will degrade gracefully for browsers that do not support JavaScript, and is search engine friendly. It attaches in one line of code for simple use cases, but is highly customizable and can be used in a variety of edge cases.

59. YoxViewimage

YoxView is a free Lightbox-type media and image viewer jQuery plugin. It’s easy to use and feature-rich.

60. BlogSlideShowimage

BlogslideShow is a free open code JQuery plugin that enhances your blog pages with fancy image viewer, which provides nice transition effects including CSS3/HTML5-related ones.

61. jQuery Tiny Sliderimage

jQuery Tiny Slider is a small and lightweight jQuery-plugin to create simple inline slideshow.

62. jReel Galleryimage

This little jQuery image gallery plugin recreates the standard built-in window scrolling with a smooth easing effect.

63. Smooth Div Scrollimage

Smooth Div Scroll is a jQuery plugin that scrolls content horizontally left or right. Apart from many of the other scrolling plugins that have been written for jQuery, Smooth Div Scroll does not limit the scrolling to distinct steps. As the name of the plugin hints, scrolling is smooth. There are no visible buttons or links since the scrolling is done using hotspots within the scrollable area or via autoscrolling.

64. s3Slider jQuery pluginimage

The s3Slider jQuery plugin is slideshow that displays objects with layers that can be positioned anywhere over it.

65. Sliding Login PanelSliding log-in

As the name suggests, this plugin works by sliding down the panel to reveal the log-in box when clicked.

66. jQuery Slideshow using CSS Spritesimage

This cool slideshow has a very smooth animated transition and customizable animation orchestration that works great in all popular browsers.

67. jqGalScrollimage

jQuery Gallery Scroller (jqGalScroll) takes list of images and creates a smooth scrolling photo gallery scrolling vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The plugin will also create pagination to allow you to flow through your photos.

68. Multiple Image Cross Fadeimage

This amazing effect flips the object in several views and angles without sliding. This is a nice way to impress your clients.

69. Fancyboximage

FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats overtop of web page.

70. jQuery Cycle Pluginimage

The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more.

71. jQuery Image Scrollerimage

This scroller is different from others because it is completely autonomous and will begin scrolling once the page loads.

Text Effects

72. jQuery Word Counterimage

This plugin allows you to set and limit user input by max characters within html textarea (it is only limited by characters other than words). It binds keyup, paste and drag events.

73. jQuery FontEffectimage

Font effect is a jQuery plugin that add some effect to html text.

74. jTicker Typing Text Effect using jQueryimage

jTicker is a jQuery plugin that can be used for creating text effect without the use of flash. This effect comes in handy when you want to force the visitor to read the text. But should be used wherever necessary, as the usability suffers. jTicker can be declared on any element and can be stylized using CSS. You can also use event buttons to play, stop and control the speed of the effect.

75. Codename Rainbowsimage

Even without Photoshop, you can make text effects with this by just typing a little code.

76. Grab bag, jQuery text effectsimage

With grab bag jQuery plug-ins, you can have different effects to the text.

77. Color Changing Text and Backgrounds Effectsimage

This effect can be used to change the colors and background of your object in a flashing style.

78. Fade Colors Using jQueryimage

79. Playing with jQuery Color Plugin and Color Animationimage

This is the tool if you want to change the color of the text and icons once your mouse is pointed to it.

80. jQuery Approachimage

Approach is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate style properties based on the cursor’s proximity to an object. It works in a very similar manner to jQuery animate. However it animates over distance instead of time.

81. AutoCompleterimage

With autocompleter, your site becomes more user friendly by providing suggestions when a text is entered.

82. 3d Tag Sphereimage

A rotating 3d tag cloud controlled with the mouse. Tags are scaled according to the weight assigned to them and fade into the background as they rotate.

83. Simple jQuery Text Resizerimage

Simple jQuery Text resizer adjusts the size of your text for easier readability by clicking the icon.

84.  Airportimage

Airport is a rather simple text effect plugin for Jquery. It emulates the style of those flickering information boards you sometimes find on airports and train stations.

85. Zooming with jQueryimage

This effect allows the reader to zoom the text for better reading.

86. jQuery Label Effectsimage

A jQuery plugin that applies highlight and shadow effects to text in a control.

87. jQuery Flying Text With Fade Effectimage

With this great javascript framework, you can create some flash-like, very simple flying and fading text effect using jQuery.

Animation Effects

88. jQuery CSS3 3D Animationimage

This jQuery effect reacts if you move your mouse around. If it hits one of the cartoons a text will flash and move around the page.

89. Image Cubeimage

The image cube functionality can easily be added to a division with appropriate default settings. It then displays the images contained within the targetted division in a cycle every two seconds. A random rotation is chosen each time to move to the next image. Highlights and shadows are used to enhance the 3D effect.

90. jQuery.Smart3Dimage

This is an effect which can be used on site-header. It’s very simple to use: several layers glued together into a 3D effect.

91. jQuery 3D Rotatorimage

This is a very stunning text effect. The texts are swirling like cosmic bodies in the galaxy as it shines against a black background. The speed and the direction of revolution of the texts depend on the location of the mouse.

92. 3D Sphereimage

In this effect the elements move in a way that they look as if it were one rotating sphere.

93. 3D Tag Cloudimage

This works like a carousel but the elements fades into the distance at the end. It also interacts with the mouse. The greater the distance of the mouse from the center the faster it rotates.

94. Flip HTML content in 3Dimage

Rotate3Di is a jQuery Effect Plugin that makes it possible to do an isometric 3D flip or 3D rotation of any HTML content. It also enables custom 3D rotation animations. CSS3 Transforms are used to create this visual “3D” isometric effect.

95. Circulateimage

This is a very amusing plugin. Once you open it, the object will revolve around the page and if you click the buttons, it will jump in a circular motion and bounce back into position.

96. Spritelyimage

jQuery spritely is a jQuery plugin created by Artlogic for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript. It’s a simple, light-weight plugin with a few simple methods for creating animated sprites such as the birds you see on this page, and dynamic scrolling backgrounds. You can use it on any html web page, and any part of the page can interact with a sprite (click anywhere on this page and wait and you’ll see what we mean).

97. Animated Curtainimage

With this effect you can animate a curtain to open to show a text or image the moment the rope is clicked.

98. jQuery Animated Postcardimage

Try this wonderful effect to animate the postcard inspired designs you have. With this effect, the clouds and the lifesaving float moves at the same time.

99. Dynamic PNG shadow position & opacity with jQueryimage

In this animation, you can drag objects and place them anywhere you want. It also features a switch that can be turned on to amaze your visitors.

100. Quicksandimage

It’s a nice way of reordering and filtering things with a nice shuffling animation. With this, you can make a beautiful library to make your work organized.

101. Puffing Smoke Effect in jQueryimage

This effect can be customized so that the chimney can puff a smoke of whatever shape you want. The one above puffs Super Mario Images. This is perfect to be used in headers.

102. jAni jQuery Plugin Animationimage

jAni is a simple plugin for jQuery which allows you animate background images. The plugin is basically an alternative to the animated GIF but with several benefits. At first, it’s always better to use an animated GIF as this format is supported by all browsers without any JavaScript code or additional markup, but the “dark side” of it is that an animated GIF allows only 256 colors and you cannot control animation in any way.

103. Gravitational Simulation in jQueryimage

Drop the blocks by touching the red strings with your mouse. This is what this effect can do.

104. jQuery Solar Systemimage

This amazing effect simulates the movement of celestial bodies.

105. Animated Landscape Header with jQueryimage

This effect has a cartoon themed landscape with elements which slide out to reveal additional content.

106. jQuery Parallaximage

This is a parallax style implementation of user interactions. When the mouse moves over the document (or a specific element) the actions can be translated to modify any CSS property of an element for example an image position, to give a parallax style effect.

107. Rezoner’s jEffectsimage

This effect enhances user interaction by providing decorative effects. It’s all packaged into an intuitive jQuery plugin. Thus, you can sprinkle cool effects on your screen once your mouse is moved.

108. Rotating Billboard with jQueryimage

Use CSS and jQuery to create the effect of a rotating billboard with two ads. Through this you can make one set of image slices disappear while another one (the other ad) appear giving the look of rotating slices, just like in a rotating billboard system.

109. jQuery Flight Boardimage

A jQuery plugin that sets a division to flip between text messages like a flight board at an airport. The flight board functionality can easily be added to a division with appropriate default settings. It then displays the messages in a cycle after two seconds. Highlights and shadows are used to enhance the 3D effect.

110. Animated Cartoon Robot with jQueryimage

You can use this effect to amuse your visitors or create this out of fun. It’s an animated way of to inspire someone to look beyond the perceived constraints of web designers and developers.

111. Custom Animation Banner with jQueryimage

Creating a custom animation banner with jQuery. With this animation setup, you can have different elements in a banner that will animate in a nifty fashion.

112. JavaScript Sprite Animation Using jQueryimage

With this effect you can add amusement to your pages by having your visitors flip the pages of this animated Javascript using jQuery.

113. Flipimage

Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions.

Transition Effects

114. jqFancyTransitionsimage

jqFancyTransitions is easy-to-usejQuery plugin for displaying your photos as slideshow with fancy transition effects. jqFancyTransitions is compatible and fully tested with Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+.

115. Jquery Fade InFade Outimage

This jQuery effect fades in and fades out anything whether it is an image, text or even a link in a nice and smooth fashion.

116. Lazy Loadimage

Lazy loader is a jQuery plugin written in JavaScript. It delays loading of images in (long) web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. Using lazy load on long web pages containing many large images makes the page load faster.

117. The Sexy Curls jQuery Pluginimage

Sexy Curls jQuery plugin is an open source solution which lets you share in the beauty of the page fold feature with ease. It uses the jQuery UI and its resizable package.

118. jQuery Bookletimage

Booklet is a jQuery tool for displaying content on the web in a flipbook layout. It is built using the jQuery library.

119. jQuery pageSlideimage

This plugin allows any developer to recreate a similar interaction on their own website using a few simple lines of Javascript. By attaching the method to an anchor tag, pageSlide wraps the original body content into a wrapper and creates an additional block for the secondary content load. The slide is animated whenever the click event is invoked.

120. Smooth Animated Menu with jQueryimage

This effect creates a beautiful menu that slides down and reveal additional content in your menu when you run a mouse over it.

121. jQuery MagicLine Navigationimage

This effect highlights a background or an underline which follows you as you move your mouse over the different links in the navigation. This happens in jQuery through its animation abilities. The “magic line” is only appended via JavaScript. Once you have added it to the list and have it styled, it figures out the left positioning and the width and animates it as you mouse over the different links.

122. HighlightFadeimage

This effect highlights and then fades a text or an image with a click of the mouse. It can be made to display a highlighting box of different colors.

123. Dynamic Page / Replacing Contentimage

The feature of this Dynamic page/replacing content is that it replaces the content of the page if the navigation button is clicked instead of opening another window.

124. jQuery Cycle Plugin-Effects Browserimage

The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more. It also supports, but does not require, the Metadata Plugin and the Easing Plugin.

125. jQuery Captifyimage

Captify is a plugin for jQuery written by Brian Reavis to display simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover.

126. Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSSimage

Amaze your readers by adding this nice effect which flips an object to reveal the content on its underside.

127. jSquaresimage

jSquares is a jQuery plugin that pops up an image and a description in an overlay on hover.

128. Grid Accordion with jQueryimage

The Grid Accordion works with the same theory as most other accordions. Only one cell is open at a time. The big thing is that the column of the current open cell expands to a reasonable reading width.

129. jquery Professional Dropdown Menuimage

jquery Professional Dropdown Menu is a classy way to integrate a long list of items in your menu. Its multiple dropdown style saves space giving a nice user interface to your clients.

130. Superfish jQuery Menu Pluginimage

Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu.

Image Editing and Adjustment Effects

131. jCropimage

Jcrop is the quick and easy way to add image cropping functionality to your web application. It combines the ease-of-use of a typical jQuery plugin with a powerful cross-platform DHTML cropping engine that is faithful to familiar desktop graphics applications.

132. jQuery Virtual Tourimage

This is an extension to the simple panorama viewer that allows you to play a little bit more with jQuery by adding interactivity to transform some panoramic views into a virtual tour.

133. jQuery Corner Demoimage

This corner plugin is pulling off its magic by adding more elements to the page. Specifically, it adds div “strips” to the item to be cornered and sets a solid background color on these strips in order to hide the actual corners of the real item. So if you step back and look at the cornered element, think of there being solid colored divs hiding the true squared off corners of the item you wish to be changed.

134. Apple-like retina effectimage

Try this wonderful effect to make the text and images clearer by seeing it up close as if they’re just in the retina of your eyes.

135. Image Highlighting and Preview with jQueryimage

This effect works by highlighting and previewing images that are integrated in an article or spread over a page. This is a nice way to allow users to view a bigger version of an image that is relevant to some context. It highlights images on a delayed hover and offer a preview mode which will enlarge and center the bigger version of the image on the screen.

136. Image splitting effectimage

This beautiful image splitting effect is similar to a sliding door effect where the image slides to left or right side and reveals the text behind it, but the thing that makes this different is that the effect looks like the image is splitted into half and one goes left and the other one goes right. One thing that is very important is that there will not be 2 images but only one.

137. ImjQMosaicimage

imJQMosaic is a simple jQuery plugin that creates mosaic pattern using an image. Apart of just creating the mosaic pattern on an image, it also facilitates the user to put menus on top of the mosaic tile(s). Hence, it can be beautifully used as navigation menu. It can also serve as a substitute to the popular Flash based navigations on the home pages of a website or application which unfortunately don’t work on mobile phones not supporting Flash content.

138. Photo Zoom Out Effectimage

This effect enables you to create a simple image zoom out effect with jQuery. Thus you can show some images which are zoomed in initially and when hovering over an image it gets zoomed out. This effect could be used in photography websites or image galleries.

139. jQZoomimage

Make a nice jQuery zoom like the one in the above screenshot. This effect offers different ways of zooming in and out.

140. Cloud Zoomimage

Cloud Zoom is a free jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.

141. Crop Exampleimage

The crop plugin takes an IMG element and crops them to the dimensions given. The result is a DIV with a background image with the height and width and an offset. The new DIV should also carry across the existing style attributes of the image.

142. AnythingZoomerimage

This jQuery plugin zooms a small area when you put your mouse over it. It’s very flexible and it’s easy to customize in CSS.

143. imgAreaSelectimage

imgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin for selecting a rectangular area of an image. It allows web developers to easily implement image cropping functionality, as well as other user interface features, such as photo notes.

144. Micro Galleryimage

This jQuery plugin transforms a set of images into a tiny gallery with several options. The Micro Image Gallery allows to switch between a grid view which shows a preview of the images as thumbnails and a single view showing one image only. The navigation bar can be hidden and sliding out when hovering over the gallery, or visible.

145. Interactive Pictureimage

This interactive picture – aka an image that contains tooltips and popup boxes can be useful for showing off a particular aspect of a photo (ie items or people).

146. Rounded Imagesimage

You can give your pictures nice rounded corners to enhance the look of your page.

147. JQuery.iviewerimage

JQuery.iviewer is a jquery plugin used to load and view image in container with ability to zoom image and to drag it with mouse in container.

Other jQuery Effects and Resources

148. Outside the Box Navigation with jQueryimage

This effect is a nice recreation of the Mac desk, which is something that many people really like.

149. JQuery animation easing plugin exampleimage

This jQuery tool is designed as an aid in making nice animations.

150. Greyscale Hover Effect w/ CSS & jQueryimage

As the name suggests this produces an effect of changes the image into greyscale when you put your on it.

151. Color Picker – jQuery pluginimage

This plugin can help you select color in the same way you select color in Adobe Photoshop.

152. jQuery Touchwipeimage

jQuery Touchwipe’s small 1 KB library allows you to obtain the wipe event on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which can be used to scroll through an image gallery. It also works with Android touchscreens.

153. Array of jQuery Animations- Tutorializedimage

This tutorial will teach you how to make amazing jQuery animation using just a few line of code for each effect. With this  you can create a progress-bar in less than 3 lines.

154. Tetris with jQueryimage

Have fun with cool Tetris on your screen with this jQuery effect.

155. Music player using jQueryimage

Create an amazing music player coded in xHTML & jQuery that made use of mouse gestures and hotkeys. You can Click & Drag with mouse to interact with interface’s music player or use directional keys & spacebar instead of mouse.

156. jQuery Before/After Pluginimage

This works like a sliding door in our homes. When you drag the navigation button, you expose the background of the image.

157. jQuery CSS Clip Animation Pluginimage

This is a nice way to scale an image by clicking the FULL, HALF and GONE buttons to see the animation in action.

158. jQuery Background-Position Animationimage

This effect enhances the ability to make background-position animation. The object can shoot up and move back into position when a click is done.

159. ZURB Annotation pluginimage

Use ZURB’s Javascript plugin to easily add and save annotations.

160. jQuery Zoomoozimage

Zoomooz is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for making any web page element zoom.

161. Colourful rating system using CSS3 and jQueryimage

Rating system is a very boring part of web browsing experience. That is why a colorful rating system is there to make rating activity more appealing. Take this to improve the rating system mechanism that you have in your site.

162. Dynamic FAQ Section w/ jQueryimage

With the help of jQuery & YQL, this effect can pull the contents of a shared spreadsheet in your Google Docs account, and use the data to populate the FAQ section with questions and answers. The best aspect of this solution, is that you can change the contents of the FAQ section from within Google Docs – just edit the spreadsheet. You can even leverage the rest of Google Docs’ features, such as collaborative editing. This way, a small team can support the FAQ section without the need of a dedicated CMS solution.

163. Latest Tweets Tooltip with jQueryimage

If you have a news website, it might be interesting for you to allow your users to see the latest tweets about a topic. This is what this hot jQuery plugin does. It shows the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase. Words or phrases that you want to be searched for in Twitter, are wrapped with the following span. The popup box that appears can be dragged and resized. Clicking on the cross will make it disappear. The tweets are constantly being loaded in a predefined time span. This loading stops when the user hovers over the tooltip box.

164. Crazy Dots – jQuery Pluginimage

CrazyDots is a jQuery Plugin that creates a loading spinner via CSS. Best appearance is with CSS3 capable browser, but can be made to work in older browsers, too.

165. jQuery UI Animation Effectsimage

The jQuery UI Effects brings us different animation techniques that we can use to in meet the need of our design projects.

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iPad Development UI kits and resources go a long way to help developers to speed up the iPad development. You can learn and earn a great deal with these iPad Development UI kits.

iPad is a fad among people from all masses and thus it has a scope for continuous development and up gradation. Hope this list will prove beneficial to you.

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More Information on iPad GUI PSD

iPad GUI Kit in PSD Format is Here!

iPad GUI Kit in PSD Format is Here!

More Information on iPad GUI Kit in PSD Format is Here!

Vector based icons

Vector based icons

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ipad vector GUI elements

ipad vector GUI elements


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iPad GUI PSD – Version 2

iPad GUI PSD - Version 2

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ipad stencil with components

ipad stencil with components

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iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle

iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle

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iPad icon PSD template

iPad icon PSD template

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Fonts for ipad

Fonts for ipad

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iPad wireframe templates

iPad wireframe templates

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iPad and iPhone Design

iPad and iPhone Design

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iPad Sketch Elements AI

iPad Sketch Elements AI

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Fully editable PSD

Fully editable PSD

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Touchscreen Gestures

Touchscreen Gestures

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iPad PSD

iPad PSD

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Genesis for iPad

Genesis for iPad

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More Information on KOLORS iPad

iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks

iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks

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Matte iPhone UI

Matte iPhone UI

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Icons for mobile apps

Icons for mobile apps

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MobileMe Full iPhone GUI

MobileMe Full iPhone GUI

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Touchscreen Hand Gestures

Touchscreen Hand Gestures

More Information on Touchscreen Hand Gestures

iPhone UI Vector Elements

iPhone UI Vector Elements

More Information on iPhone UI Vector Elements

30 Free Vector Icons

30 Free Vector Icons

More Information on 30 Free Vector Icons

With the rise of smart phones and specifically the iPhone, designers are finding a whole load of reasons to design for and with the device. Today we have rounded up some of the best PSD and vector iPhone and iPad designs and we bring them to you.

Some are for the iPhone 3G, others for the iPhone 4 and iPad, and we also threw in some GUI elements to aid in app design. So what are you waiting for? Go design for mobile with these great offerings. We will cover Android next week.

1. iPhone GUI PSD v4

v4 300x183

2. Smashing Mag iPhone PSD Kit

smash 300x183

3. Brusheezy iPhone PSD


4. Tutsplus iPhone 4 Vector PSD

tutsplus 200x300

5. Bigkobe iPhone 3G PSD

3gpsd 300x177

6. Designers Toolbox iPhone GUI Elements

gui toolbox 195x300

7. Apple iPad PSD

ipadpsd 300x140

8. Pagano iPad PSD

ipadpsd2 300x300

9. psdGraphics iPhone PSD

psdgraphics 300x225

10. Graffletopia iPad and iPhone PSDs

graffle 300x187

11. MI iPhone Vector Elements

uivectors 300x156

12. Sexy Vector iPhone

highresiphone 300x247

13. MobileMe Full iPhone GUI

mobileme 297x300

14. Zandog iPhone 4 PSD

zandog 300x300

Got others?

What does it do?

When you hover your mouse over an image (thumbnail), another image (larger version) will popup. While the image is loading, a loading image status bar appears over the image.

See a live example here.

Download the code here.


How does it work?

First download the code using the link above. Find the style.css and mouseover-popup.js files and upload them to your webpage.

On every page that you want the images to popup, you will need to have these lines in the HEAD section of your code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css">
<script src="mouseover_popup.js" language="JavaScript"

Right after the BODY tag, put this:

<div style="display: none; position: absolute; z-index: 110; left: 400; top: 100; width: 15; height: 15" id="preview_div"></div>

For every image you want to pop up, you will first need to have two images, a smaller thumbnail and the bigger image, and then you will need to put this code in your IMG tag:

<img src="smallpic.jpg" border="0" onmouseover="showtrail('largepic.jpg', 'Title of the Picture Goes Here',390,530)" onmouseout="hidetrail()">

The two numbers after the title (390,530) should be changed to the size of your big picture. Width,Height. Unfortunately you have to put the width and height in for every image and you can’t leave it out the popup will look wonky.

You can also put A HREF tags around any of the images to link to any image/page you want.

Something weird to note:

If you have some code that looks like this up at the top of your page:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

It causes the loader bar to not work. I have no idea why. I don’t claim to know how to do all this stuff, this is just how I hacked it up enough to work for me. 😀


Loader bar: If you want to take the loader bar out, open the style.css file and delete the lines it specifies in that file.

Title font: Edit the h2 tag in the style.css folder to change the image title font style.

Image border: Edit the border_preview tag in the style.css file to change/edit/remove the border on the large pic.

White border/padding: Play around with the padding tags in the style.css file to completely remove the image title / white border around the large pic.

An alternative:

For a different look, if you want to completely get rid of the loader bar, image title, and white border/padding around the large pic, you may like this alternative script from Christie Rosputni. She wrote this as an alternative to my code.

See Christie’s live example

Download Christie’s code

Read More